fungi lovers | Mushroom hunting with friends at the beginning of the year

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Hello friends! how about this rainy season, have you used it well? Of course you use it by looking for mushrooms in the wild, for various purposes, just like me.
today I went hunting with my tan who also has a hobby of taking graphy photos, we went to a plantation that was very far from the community, from where I live to this garden I traveled almost 2 hours, because the rocky road made us have to be careful be careful in traveling, around one of the plantations in search of various types of mushrooms.

a large group of white toadstools I found growing under a very thick tree, the soil conditions where this fungus grows are very humid and covered by tree leaves that have become compost, before we take pictures of these mushrooms, we have to clean the twigs, leaves, and several other plants that cover the surface of this mushroom, the hat is white and combined with a very beautiful orange stem color, the fragile one must be very careful when taking pictures in a close position to maintain the integrity of this mushroom.


Those mushrooms looks cool! 🙂
I don't know much about them but I heard some are poisonous. Is that true?