Fungi Lovers digest -- December 2020

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The first official FL post in 2021 is rather unusual. We all returned from the Christmas holidays to the usual jobs, and to the blockchain as well. I still have this lag in reviewing the best posts in community. And this one will be unusual: all of the posts listed below were produced by one (outstanding!) member of the community. I accumulated them from November to December, maybe you will be surprised at their quantity, but... they appear almost on a daily basis! and are keeping on a high quality level.

Guess the name? @marianomariano truly is the best contributor to the community and the poster of the month. What else can I say? I wish his fungi essays and encounters will be getting more readers in the coming mushroom season. The Planet Fungi resources is inexhaustible, right?

All the photos featured in this exclusive post (c) intellectual property @marianomariano, and used under 'fair use' condition. Also, 10% of the post rewards set to the author's benefit.



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post link:Deadly skullcap (Galerina marginata)
category:iD. winter mushroom. not rare. very toxic.



post link:Cortinarius semisanguineus (Surprise webcap)
category:iD. common. summer / autumn. very toxic


Fascinating mushroom shapes


post link:Ramaria eumorpha
category:iD. fascinating shapes. not rare. non-toxic. edible



post link: Great Hornet (Calocera viscosa)
category:iD. fascinating shapes. very common. inedible



post link:Fairy fan aka Yellow earth tongue (Spathularia flavida)
category:iD. spring / summer. rare. edible


post link:Sturgeon red caviar slimes (Tubifera ferruginosa)
category:iD. fascinating shapes. rare. non-toxic.


post link:Lycoperdon pyriforme
category:iD. fascinating shapes. not rare. edible



post link:Orange peel fungus (Aleuria aurantia)
category:iD. fascinating shapes. common. non-toxic. edible



post link:Tremella mesenterica
category:iD. fascinating shapes. autumn/winter mushroom. common. edible



post link:jelly rot (trembling-merulius)
category:iD. fascinating shapes. spring to fall. inedible



post link:Schizophyllum commune
category:iD. fascinating shapes. common. medicinal. inedible



post link:Cinnabar polypore (Pycnoporus cinnabarinus)
category:iD. arboreal fungus. inedible



post link:Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)
category:iD. arboreal. common. medicinal. inedible


less known edible mushrooms of Europe


post link:Yellowfoot (Funnel chanterelle)
category:iD. summer / autumn mushroom. not rare. edible


post link:Tricholomopsis rutilans
category:iD. summer / autumn. edible



post link:Gymnopus dryophilus
category:iD. very common, from May till November. edible



post link:Cauliflower fungus (Sparassis crispa)
category:iD. autumn. rare / protected. very good edible mushroom



post link:Lurid bolete (Boletus luridus)
category:iD. moderately common. summer / autumn. edible

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