Amanita Tincture for Topical Pain Relief?

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So, here's a question for you Hivers who might know about amanita muscaria. I'm fascinated by it's use as a pain relieving salve, but as is often with these medicines, the information on the internet is scant and confusing at best.


It's certainly meant to be potent, and I have no plans to ingest it. So let's just say this is an experimet of sorts. There's a few sources on the internet that say a vodka based extraction works a treat - a dropper or two rubbed into sciatica, say, makes for pretty wonderful pain relief.

It certainly turns a pretty marvellous colour, and within 15 minutes, is dark as blood. I can only imagine how incredible this would be extracted in oil with St John's Wort - and next amanita season, I'll plan to do just that. It's just that I thought I'd try the vodka one first - although I wish I'd waited or at least collected enough over the season so I could experiment with a couple of methods.


A salve would be far more practical than a tincture, but then the tincture could last years. I am sure it's just going to hang at the bottom of my apocathery in the dark until one day I need it - but I couldn't resist splashing that cheap vodka I had with the most gorgeous huge specimen I glimpsed from the car last week.


I'd love to hear from any of you folk who might have experience making a salve or pain relieving potion from amanita. One day I hope such information might be more freely available rather than in the confusing dark corners of Reddit forums and other odd places.

At the very least, I've turned some vodka a gorgeous shade of red. Just playing with this mushroom is charming. Don't worry, I don't plan to ingest it - my understanding is one needs to dry and convert the acid into muscimol first, otherwise one can make oneself quite ill. It's not a road I want to go down.

Here's a few links I found to others who have done the same, if you're interested - here, here and here. So it seems others are using vodka extraction too. I'll let you know how it goes if you're interested, but do add to the conversation below if you have useful info that I don't have!


With Love,


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This looks like a useful soupee!
Looking forward to your further posts, hope you will stay alive.... relax, just kidding 😜😜🤓 I am consuming small dozes of dried Amanita muscaria myself - and still alive, still posting! 😛

That's awesome! I have a bunch dried and will eventually experiment dosing this lovely fungi!

Sorry I almost missed this post! I myself do not know much about mushrooms, but I do recall hearing about this paticuallar speices being compared to felling like taking a muscle relaxer.

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Thanks for the info, every little anecdote helps build a picture! 🍄

@bambuka, maybe you'll be intrested to add your 5 cents to the conversation, as you are Pro, we know.

What an amazing specimen!

I just wonder how some people find this thing easy to eat. Cus some feed on it as a meat

mushrooms are tasty and some are really can be delicious! besides that -- it is sports when it comes to finding them, and its living from the nature's gifts. a lot of benefits. 🙏

Wao! I am just surprised seeing that.. but I am just scared to try it tho.. probably because I don't know how to go about it

They do and it's meant to be tasty. You have to boil it and discard the water three times to get rid of the toxins

Ohhh!! That must be something to learn so one won't get poisoned in the process

How lovely, the large specimen you obtained! I love that crimson hue that the salve also took on. I have always wanted to see a pristine one of these in person! The closest I've come is finding an Amanita thiersii. Oh wow, that was some time ago. I understand that now that one has been renamed with the genus Saproamanita.
Taxonomy for mushrooms is always highly contested, I feel like.
Am I speaking backwards like Yoda‽ Sorry

Haha Yoda. Yes fungi taxonomy is all over the place it seems! Go hunting in pine forests in Autumn with your gnomes, you may be lucky!

I don't know of any pine forests near me. It's all either oak or cottonwood it seems.

Oh maybe that's why you haven't found them. Jealous of your oak forests though. Did you know oak leaves are great for a foot soak?

I did not! You know so much! I wish I knew that when my feet were sore from the job I started about 2 months ago.

I know a little bit about some things 😂

I would love to know as well.I really want to make mushroom tinctures.
Looking forward to learning more as well.
Much love my fungi sister xxxxx

There's a great book by Christopher Hobbs which details it really well. Mush love back! X

I'm excited for you, @riverflows ! It's really good and helpful to hear your reports on how you research and process this particular amanita, and yes, the collective hysteria around mushrooms and funghi runs deep: such conditioning from fairy tales to social media and news stories about poisonings... The reality is that very few mushrooms are deadly poisonous, and usually the dangers come from ignorance and being overly lax about how we use them. Though at this point in my life I wouldn't use a pain-relief of any kind (was just podcasting around this, having had a grave illness involving immense pain recently), I look forward to hearing how a natural pain-relief like this might work. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings.