Correction - How do YOU take it?

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Oh if you would have asked me this question in my younger days and in my early adulthood it probably would’ve made me cry just thinking about it.

I mean who likes to be corrected? We all want to know our stuff and do it well without anyone having to tell us

You’re doing it wrong!

It doesn’t feel good and can be a shameful feeling when being corrected. One can even say it is quite an embarrassment being called out and made aware of a mistake or told an action or job needs to be corrected and done right. 😬🫣


During my elementary years I was as studious as studious does. I have always been a rule follower and never wanted to get on my teacher’s bad side. I worked hard never to get my name written on the board as a warning from a result of bad behavior.

I remember this particular day in my fifth grade class like it was yesterday. I was being the class clown making my friends laugh and was on a roll. I knew I needed to be quiet but I was having too much fun and I saw how much my classmates were being entertained.

I think at the back of my mind I felt even though I was acting out this one time that the teacher wouldn’t put my name on the board because it was just that one time. I guess I thought I had a pass since my track record of behavior was excellent.

Oh my was I wrong.

When I saw my name going up on that board time stopped. I didn’t hear any more laughter, I didn’t see anyone else in that classroom and sweat came tumbling down my back. It was just me, the teacher and the movement of her hand in slow motion. I couldn’t believe I crossed over…to the bad side.

I was devastated, humiliated and embarrassed of what I had done. My classmates couldn’t believe they saw my name up there but of course many of them laughed because I was known as a teacher’s pet back then 🙄. I cried as soon as I reached the front porch of my home (had to make sure the bus was gone and none of my friends saw me crying).

Even though I was disappointed in myself that day helped me realize that it just takes one time to make a mistake and be corrected. Just because you do well in a certain area and do everything to a T most times it doesn’t mean there is never any room for correction.

The next day my teacher spoke with me about what happened and how she knew I was out of character. She helped me see that fitting in with the rest of the crowd or making people laugh is not worth ruining my reputation and the respect I had from my teachers for following the rules and being studious.

Of course I was still bummed but that correction got me back on track and I never got my name put on that board again. 😌

Let’s say for instance you work at a hotdog stand and your boss pulled you to the side. He tells you that you are not cooking the hotdogs with a finished crisp the way the customers like. There are several things you can do with that…

Options that will cause you to be out of a job:

You can get upset and offended and walk out because you don’t feel appreciated.
You can argue and defend yourself by disagreeing with what he is saying.
You can keep doing the hotdogs the way you want and not care about correcting your mistake.

Options that would end in a better outcome:

You can take note on the way your boss approached you…gentle and on the side.
You can realize that he must want to keep you there or else he wouldn’t bother correcting you.
You can realize you’re not perfect and there is always room for improving.

Look at all those aspects. The one who doesn’t take correction well could possibly lose their job. If we take the time to consider all angles we would realize there are many reasonable people still in the world today.

If someone doesn’t want you around or doesn’t want you to continue a task then most likely there would be no correction. That person wouldn’t take the time to point out your flaws and what you could improve on to do better. They could just say goodbye we no longer need you here.


This is how I see my life…yes as a pencil.

For so long I worked so hard to not ever be corrected. I didn’t want to feel low or bad for any mistakes so I dipped and dodged any type of correction by doing my best.

As the years went on I realized even when trying my hardest there’s gonna be room for improvement on my part. I didn’t know everything and some things I had to learn the hard way.

Now in my forties I realize that whenever I am corrected I come out much sharper than before. Correction is like putting someone through a sharpener to help shape and mold them to be better and wiser.

I welcome it as long as it’s done in a gentle and respectful way. If you were to come at me rude and careless then I probably wouldn’t even listen to you. Most times you can clearly see the difference between someone who cares about you vs. someone who just wants to put you down and point out your faults.

It took me years to get to this point but I am much tougher now and can take correction as bits and pieces of improvement that will only make me sharper than I was before.

So what about you? How do you take correction?

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I combed through this critically on the look out for typos so I could correct you and I got nuthinkk.


I might have reverted back and cried again if you would have found something. 😬😄

I appreciate that laugh ~

Very funny of you. 😂
Am sure she would gladly correct those errors with pride and maybe find better words to replace those wrongly spelled.


Door wide open

Pretend you said who's there so I can play out this knock-knock joke:

Smell mop.

Haha I sure would have corrected it . 😅

I can see a reflection of myself in your writeup, at fifth grade I was the best and well behaved pupil, very brilliant teachers would use my textbook to mark other pupils assignment.

I could even go to a far length of arguing answers with my teachers telling them where they got it wrong... Not knowing how i got that audacity to do so.

Am not prune to making mistakes, pointing out one will trigger unacceptance from me... But at these latter days of my life I made terrible mistakes with no one to correct me....

I had to retrace my steps all by myself, learn some lessons and also learn not to be hard on myself.

It taught me to become less judgemental of those who make mistakes but watch out for whoever falls so I can help them back on their feet.

Thank you for this piece... We should learn to accept our mistake, take corrections out of love and learn the mistakes therein

Wow Monica you were such a bright and bold student!

It taught me to become less judgemental of those who make mistakes but watch out for whoever falls so I can help them back on their feet.

This is what it’s all about. Learning and growing from our mistakes then being able to help someone else. Love it! 💓

Yes, taking correction out of love will do us good in the long run if we choose to accept we do make mistakes and have room for improvement.

Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback, I enjoyed reading it ~ 😘

I think the fifth grade you was being too harsh on yourself, it's ok to be naughty every now and then especially if no harm is done.

I’m sure I probably was. It was so important to me to go by the book and stick to the rules. I set high standards for myself starting at a young age on the type of behavior I would display. I was such a do-gooder. 😁

I hate to be corrected. Even as an adult, if you correct me, I won't talk to you for a while.

It is an attitude that I haven't gotten over for ages. Sometimes it affects my relationship. My mum will always say that people who do not like to be corrected are people who have pride.

Just maybe one day, it will go away.

That's exactly how I used to be. It was extremely hard for me to take correction especially from people I was close to. I got offended easily and it was hard to loose the bad attitude I had towards the person who was doing the correcting.

So I know what you mean about it affecting your relationships.

Yes, maybe someday it will. Or it will take the right person to do so in a proper respectful way. I will say it does matter who it is coming from on top of how they present it.

Thanks for sharing your take on this ~

I'm still young and I still have a lot of things to know about life. This is the thought that I put in my mind. When someone corrects me, I'm grateful for it. I appreciate the effort that they took the initiative to point it out to me. I'll listen carefully and internalize their advice. But like you, it's also hard to accept corrections when the approach of that person is rude. I feel like escaping from that at any moment than taking time to listen.

That's good you are willing to listen and internalize their advice. That’s hard for a lot of people to do.

Yes, people should really consider their approach when attempting to correct someone. It can make all the difference.

Thanks for reading and commenting ~

but that correction got me back on track and I never got my name put on that board again. 😌

This is what correction does to someone with an open mind for self-improvement.

About me? I stretch my arms wide open for correction especially when it's done politely, I try to calm down and reflect on what I am being corrected for and adjust.

Of course, I will feel ashamed of myself for deviating from doing well, but then I am just an imperfect human with flaws, the most important thing is working on my corrections for self-self-improvement.

I don't like being corrected for one particular action twice rather, I make every effort to adjust no matter how embarrassed I felt by my actions.

Corrections can only strengthen me and make me a better person, so I accept correction any day, any time.

What more can I say @crosheille, you have dropped another wonderful content capable of shaping our mentality for good. Thanks a bunch for this ma'am🤗🥳👍👌

I agree. It set me straight lol.

That’s so good you are able to reflect and adjust (if necessary). It’s not an easy thing for everyone to do.

I don't like being corrected for one particular action twice

I’m the same way. 😉

Oh for sure. I’m glad you enjoyed the read and added your thoughts and input to the conversation. Thank you ~ 🤗

You are always on point. To take correction is very good because everything you do is correct in your own thinking but in the other way round is wrong. An anyone that do not take correction can not succeed like seriously. Thanks for sharing this I enjoy reading it

Thanks for adding your input. I think taking it is a good thing too and can really help someone in the long run. It may seem someone is trying to be mean but in reality they could genuinely want to help.

I believe we are not perfect and been corrected is not a bad idea but also a way to strengthen us overcome such challenges if it occurs again. Thanks for sharing this @crosheille I appreciate it a lot.

Exactly my take on it @emeka4. It will only strengthen us :)

Thanks for you input ~

Sometimes, people around me complain that I don't always like to be corrected but love correcting others. Despite how I try to cope, I still find it difficult but I think I will just keep trying by learning from others.

I get it. It took me many years to get to the place I'm at today where I don’t get upset, offended or cry. 😏