Micro Habits Goal Met!

Hello again! I'm back with the final update on my micro habit-establishing quest. Last time I talked about how I had gotten into the bad habit of sitting at the computer for long periods, only getting up to pee or get a drink or such, and so I wanted to establish a habit where I would get up and move around even if just for a few minutes to break up those long sitting sessions.

In that post, I was at the halfway point of my 31-day challenge, and now it is complete!

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You can see some of the days say that I was deep cleaning, which means it's a day where either I was deep cleaning my own apartment, or helping my neighbor do so, and so I wasn't actually sitting at the computer very much that day. Cleaning is definitely exercise, especially certain movements where you are bending and lifting or cleaning the floor and such!

One other thing that I started during this time was, I finally was able to get a barstool to sit at my kitchen counter, which has a lip facing the living room side where you can sit. So sometimes I work there and I fluctuate between sitting on the stool and standing to work, since it's the perfect height for a stand up desk. Standing while working on the computer for a bit is good, too!

I have found lately while doing this, CuChulainn (my betta fish) will hang out in the corner where he can see me around the laptop screen and I'll wiggle my finger at him and he wiggles back. :D We say hi, he checks up on me. 😊

So I think I have established the habit pretty well now, I mean, I did miss a couple of days here and there where I forgot about it, but most of the days I remembered and I think I can continue that pattern going forward. As I said, the idea wasn't about gaaaaaaaaaainz, but just not doing the unhealthy thing of sitting at the computer for so long at a stretch. Though I will admit I did feel it doing all those pushups, lol.

Do you establish habits this way? Let me know in the comments! :)

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the bad habit of sitting at the computer for long periods, only getting up to pee or get a drink or such

me as a software developer:


Go pee and drink some water!!! LOL

On it! 🤣

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😊💪😉🤙 that's so great! and NO, I am never so organized. I make sure to get up and get lunch, dinner, and when mom comes over to play cards.. everything else is ad lib.. :P

😂 That's understandable! LOL

Indeed a habit is formed in 30 days, I will like to encourage you to to keep it for 90 days, so it can be a lifestyle.