A glimpse of the past

in Self Improvement3 months ago

It seems that when people are mature they hardly seek to remember their old days. Past, assembling plenty of mistakes, in other words, a house of mistakes when you look back at your past days, you glimpse something like you are more mature at the time of the present. But hardly someone does a thing like that, I reckon there are two types who do not actually like to recall the days of their old. Between those two; the first one I would indicate to those kinds of people who truly do not worry about their life. Look at life like a rudderless boat where they do not have any control over the boat. As like, let the boat flow where it loves to go. Yes, an aimless journey.


The life you are living, if you do not command as your wish, how will it be a life? Or will the journey of your life be enjoyable? It feels ridiculous to me when I notice someone with that type of. It's quite natural when a young guy makes a plenty number of mistakes during his very early age, as you, me and every guy did at that time. Do you know why a thing like this happens in everyone's life? Well, is not the thing that happens lack of experiences, lack of knowing anything properly?

Yes, I look at things like this way. At our earlier age, we did not have a clear idea about any material aspects that's why mistakes had been done pretty easily. As we are getting older we are acquainting with new things each and every circumstance. Learning from doing mistakes which assists our souls to deal with another unknown object. At the very last point of our life, we will be like a man who has no mistakes. I mean at the last stage of our life will be a perfect human who has no wrong at this stage of life? Haha, It's impossible to be a perfect one and there are two crucial reasons act behind it.

One; as we all know that we all humans are fallible and it's in our origin which is quite an impossible task to transform. We humans are not like a machine that we can do any task as we wish or a task has been delivered to perform. We have emotions which are the leading obstacles to performing a task in the right way or accomplishing an assignment without doing a mistake. The other one is there is no one can claim that he can learn about the whole ecosystem of the world. If there is a single one who can claim, I would say he is the greatest liar of all time. Because this world is too vast and its each and every sector is as like the same.

No one even can able to learn a single sector's own to his brain where grabbing the whole knowledge of every sector is not the greatest lie. Our creator made ours like this way. We can reduce our mistakes by analysing our past but we can not complete a perfect human who will have zero mistakes at any stage of his life.

The second type of people who do not love to recall their past days; after making a vast number of mistakes people realise that they are not dealing in an ideal way with their life. They feel like walking in the wrong way and choosing every time the wrong path in their life, sometimes they prefer the wrong paths having a sense, and sometimes elect the wrong paths with stupidity.

In the self-realization of one night, a dramatical change comes to the person's life afterwards he came out of the pond of mistakes and drives into the ocean of justice in his life. Let me share a incident with you; two weeks ago, I had been invited to a wedding ceremony. There everything was too good and people were greeting us in a decent way. But my eyes had glimpsed something wrong after the food season ended. A guy was discussing a topic with a couple of people very angrily. I got close to the spot to overlook the situation.

The guy is too close to mine and I know his past pretty well. His older brother had been doing a mistake for a long time and that's why he was quite irritated with that and dealing with the situation with his siblings. Yes, he is not fair enough. But at his early age, I know how much worse a task he had done. He is now decent, it doesn't mean that he can rudely behave with others to make corrections other's faults. It all takes time. If he overlooked his past, he would not treat others in this way.


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