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Whenever someone was born, yes you are right a newborn baby, how does it treat the world? Landing on the planet as an extremely fresh species It does not even have any idea about the world or its circumstance. Everything, everybody and ever it's most relevant one on the planet which we call as parents seem unfamiliar to him. What is the incentive behind it? Well, It's a common sense that during that time the brain is not that mature to deal with entirely new things. As time goes on, a brain absorbs each and every thing which are happening its all around, yes there It consumes negative and positive things at the same time.

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You might reckon What's next? Well, we people most of the time get comfortable with the positive things and even whenever positive vibes flow in our all around during the time we feel pretty good. Mostly I heard from my neighbours and family members talk like dealing with life with a positive person helps me to make a positive impact or assist me to make a favourable decision for my life.

Yes, I have seen a good number of motivational speakers talk like If you follow the path of a positive one, you can assist your life to be like him or her. It has been teaching us for a long time to surrender ourselves in position vibes so that we can having ourselves into the improvement which has no end on the planet to be honest.

My elders most of the time had been represented negative things like a dust bin and my primary task is to hate the things in any situation in my life. I don't anticipate If the negative things are that much worse or a burden on the planet so why does it mix within positive things? I feel like there is no doubt that positive things make a great impact on our life and that impact is pretty solid during our development or learning something new from our unusual circumstances. But whenever turns the name of negative terms, Is there nothing left to acquaint with?

Well, a newborn baby is born with an empty brain, you know it pretty well. But the thing when a couple of years pass in its life and he takes his foot on the stage of being a kid, He gradually learns multiple things and positive and negative takes a good place on his brain that impact a lot his upcoming days. I believe, that learning both things at the same is a blessing for living. Don't worry by listening to the speech of mine.

Life is uncertain, unpredictable and unethical sometimes. Sometimes it does not justice to your emotions or to your life no matter how true your emotions are or how true your life is. You might fall into a trap where you find no clue If you stay away from negative things always. You need to be acquainted with the negative world too, to live on the earth of it because there most of the spot has been grasped.

Whenever your life encounters with an uncertain incident and you are truly honest to yourself then how do you deal with yourself then? Haven't you fallen into a hazardous trap? Have you found a proper path to get out of that uncertain situation? I know, you would not as you had lived your life in a positive way, as the negative world is hazy to you that's why you are unaware of coming back to the right situation.

For example; you came out from outside while standing in front of the door you noticed that your main door of the house was locked and you lost your key to the lock from your wallet. You had an alternative way to enter into the house without a key and the way was there was a hole above the door and entering into the room using the hole would not be a crime although the thing was a negative way to enter.


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