Sometimes Only HATE Will Do It? Controversial, Much Maligned & Absolutely Bloody VITAL!

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YUP! I finally said it... I HATE and I think you should too... BUT, Am I right?


Now if you know me already and have some experience of the kind of positive, empowering sentiments I often do my best to convey in my own, unique and imperfect way, that sentence and indeed, that title may have caused some confusion...

Nope I haven't finally succumbed to the darkness that resides somewhere deep in the soul of us all. Nihilism hasn't engulfed me in its apathetic grasp, I certainly haven't become some kind of extremist and of-course I hate all forms of fascism and manipulation of others as much as I ever did.

Yet, still, I maintain that embracing our natural hate, is vitally important and we can actually impede our ability to do any real good in the world if we refuse to accept this inalienable truth...

Whether you want to make great strides in your personal life, in those oh-so-important areas I often discuss:




You may wonder about love and personal relationships, I see these as falling under the happiness category, just in case you were wondering.

Or, maybe you intend to set off on some noble journey to affect great change in your community, hey, maybe your real aim, is to improve the planet, that would be a cool goal, right?

Either way, I maintain that harnessing your hate is absolutely essential if you are to have meaningful success in these areas.

I can see why it would seem a perfectly reasonable proposition to focus more on love, self love and empathy and many people do just this, but if you bear with me, I think I can convince you why hate can turbo charge your chance of success exponentially.

I apologize for the cliche'd, worn analogy I am about to use, but it works, and sometimes that's enough, right? We are all fully aware that electricity can be used to power a life saving piece of machinery in a hospital OR to burn a man to a crisp when used incorrectly.

HATE can be used in two very contrasting ways too and can absolutely be your best friend and a powerful guiding force when harnessed in the right way.

Let's create two equally contrasting scenarios to examine the practical use of hate, I am suggesting.

Picture a man, let's call him David, who HATES the life he has, working a job he HATES, for a boss he HATES, trapped in a loveless marriage, unable to connect with his kids in a house he H A T E S... It isn't difficult to see how weak, disempowered and futile he feels stuck in a life that is suffocating him, every day. I would argue that his misplaced HATE is not helping the situation one iota... We all know just how negative the sentiment of hate is, right? He does nothing at all to help his lot in life by exclaiming...


Picture a teenager, who, fresh from another discussion turned argument with her parents, turns around, full of venom and vitriol and screams back at her Mum and Dad


It isn't difficult to see how hurtful this could be for the parents, the word HATE is pretty strong, right? The worst part of all is that she most likely didn't mean it, after all, she LOVES her parents. Afterwards she HATES herself and is racked with guilt that she used that word

Imagine an extremely wealthy man, let's call him George, a self-made man, who built a solid, wildly successful business, that now turns over a LOT of money each year. He recently handed over the reins to his Son as he has some great managers in place and he knows he can now pursue a dream he has secretly harbored for so long.

He was raised in obscurity, with very little money, to parents who worked their fingers to the bone and struggled to provide for he and his siblings every day. He lived in an impoverished, incredibly deprived area and when he was only twelve years old he swore he would become wealthy and one day he would help others escape this pitiful existence.

The second story regarding the teenage girl serves only to illustrate just how insidious the word HATE can really be, it helps conjure up the feeling that resides in us all that HATE is a hurtful, negative and devastating emotion. We have all been taught from an early age and from every source imaginable that HATE is wrong, it is bad and it can do great damage to both ourselves and others depending upon how it is used.

BUT let's revisit the story of David...

David is unhappy with virtually every area of his life, he HATE's his existence. If he stays as he is, life will become no better and indeed, if he continues to feel such negative feelings towards each area of life will likely spiral downwards, atrophy and experience a depressive sense of nihilism.

Conversely, he can hope things improve, he can wish for happiness and pray that his life improves... There's something a little limp and listless about this approach though, in my opinion.


He can state loud and clearly, even if it is only for himself to hear...

"I hate this sense of hopelessness, I will tolerate it no longer, I WILL transform EVERY area of my life and NEVER go back, THIS will be the day I begin to turn my life around!"

Do you see what I mean? He has used that HATE of how things are, to close all possible outcomes EXCEPT for the one he has committed to.


So back to George, our wealthy, altruistic minded friend.

How should he proceed? The way we have been taught to think about this is that his love, compassion and empathy for those less fortunate than he is today is what will spur him on to the outcome he desires, obviously there is some truth in this, BUT, imagine that same burning practical desire spurred from a hatred of injustice, poverty, lack of opportunity with those of modest means?

Imagine if George REALLY HATED poverty, illness and disease experienced by those in the very worst situations, often, through no fault of their own. You can see how that HATE could create a huge resolve and burning desire in George, right?

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you jump outta bed each morning and create a list of the top ten things you are gonna hate today, but you see my point, right? HATE can create a burning desire that leads to real change. There is absolutely nothing 'wishy-washy' about it, I am sure that across the generations those who have impacted real positive, social change have harnessed this force of nature many times, due to HATING what they see in the world.

HATE is a powerful emotion, it takes no prisoners and if you can learn to use it in the ways I have discussed, it can create a 'sea change' that cannot be stopped or rolled back. It has all the focused energy and direction of a thousand arrows with a shared aim and a well defined target.

I guess the simple rule of thumb here is HATE the undesirable effects that help no-one and let that create and fuel a powerful drive for something better

WARNING - If you do HATE people, make damn sure that they are cruel dictators, people guilty of heinous acts and the absolute scourge of humanity, as hatred of people has a nasty habit of eating the hater alive and impacting their sensibilities. HATE also has a proclivity for turning good people bitter, twisted and ultimately rotten, when misdirected or used improperly.

We ALL understand the many and varied number of reasons that HATE is toxic, but I hope this post has given you pause for thought and that you can see how it is actually just another tool for your mental lock-box to be used sparingly and in the right circumstances.

I genuinely hope that you and yours are well and about to embark on your greatest ever spell of the journey we call life. May health, wealth, happiness and all of the very best life has to offer be abundant for you and may 2021 prove to be a breakout year for you in all that you would wish for yourselves. Most of all I hope you are surrounded at all turns by love, joy, friendship and happiness.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the so-called real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

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i hate that this was center aligned.

Hate??? But there's too much in the world... Oh I just undermined my whole post, I'm rubbish at this stuff!!!

Thanks for the thoughts :)

Thank you for the soulful post. Indeed, our lives are very unpredictable. I always try to live in the present and appreciate every minute. Time is precious and there is no turning back.

Thnkyou so much for stopping by and for sharing such a true and lovely sentiment. Great to meet you, consider yourself followed my friend :)

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I hate that after so long of Silence you come back with hate.

Welcome Happy Valentine's Day 😁😂

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Heyy Anita. Great to see you, I hope you and yours are well my friend :)

Yup I HATED the absence, but sometimes life wins lol. Yes I thought it would be a great idea for the founder of the self improvement community to return listing the benefits of hate haha.

Take great care my friend, I am sure we will cross paths a lot as 2021 unfolds :D

Thank you very much, I hope so. 😉😘

I try to use the things I hate about my life and situation as a means of motivating myself to fix said life and situation, not always with success I might add.

Right now I'm in a crater of.... meh.. still looking for that thing that'll kick me out of this funk... Lockdown and the cold weather isn't helping much.. but that lot is slowly being resolved.

Like currently I hate my coffee machine cause it's rather crap. But I also hate the amount of debt I have on my credit cards so can't bring myself to buy a new machine yet until my credit cards are.. more cleared. Two things I hate, one requires fixing for the other to also be fixable, apply this to a most of the things in my life and you have a spaghetti mess of problems all needing other problems to be fixed and it's like args, difhgsduiojgoiksdjfo... give up and go back to bed. xD

my life in a nutshell.. hmm.. been a while since I've sat and evaluated things.

anyways am I even on topic anymore? I donno.. o_o; Good post anyways. :D 👍

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ShmoogeyBaby! To one degree or another, we are all:

a spaghetti mess of problems

I think some of us just hide it better than others (although I am not one of those who manage 'that' well!!!)

Spend a little more time dwelling on your raft of positive qualities man! Having had the awesome privilege of meeting you in the year that shall not be named I KNOW those qualities are many and varied and I found you to be very different to how I imagined, in an extremely positive way I should add haha :D

The warmer weather is just around the corner for us, (I believe double digit temperatures by Wednesday) I am constantly commentating on the sunrise and sunset times much to my family's annoyance lol, that helps me focus my mind on the small incremental boosts on the way to British Summertime and vitamin D mining opportunities-a-plenty.

The witness vote has finally been cast, better late than never, right? I am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to support such a bloody fabulous guy, I hope 2021 gives us the opportunity to meet again, great to cross paths with you man :)

Coffee meet 2021! Going to be epic!

You had BETTER believe it!!! :D

CoffeeMeet 2021 now with 62% more memes!

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Thank you for the heartwarming post. I wish you inspiration for your next posts. You are very interesting to read.

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