And Now For Something Completely Different

I have a feeling that I may have used the above title before, for one of my posts, I know for certain that I have thought about it. It's quite a catchy one after all. But I am not really one for click bait, I prefer to just share what I have to share and allow the title to come from the post.

This time, I wanted to do something a little different, which of course is already befitting for the title. I have felt a little stuck for a while now. Like I have not been moving forward enough.

I have all these ideas, all these plans, but something has been holding me back. Obviously, it is something within myself. But I have felt so uninspired lately and that is not something I wish to continue with.

I guess after being so active for two years, organising, building, creating, it makes sense that I slow down. On the surface at least. But things have been a bit too slow of late. I can see where I want to be, but I have been unable to get there.

I have been through some very confronting and uncomfortable experiences, these last few months, that have left me drained and seeking refuge. So I tend to just hibernate, as much as a solo mama can. I can't exactly lock myself away from the world. Although I have felt like that at times.

What I have really been yearning, is some time to myself, just one night even. But that is very hard to come by. So I take what I can, moments of solitude here and there. Grateful for what I have.

But I also know that things need to change and yet I am uncertain, about what I want that change to look like. Personal change that is. I find myself struggling to decide what is really best for me and my girls and how much change is actually good for us.

If it was just me, I would just go travelling for a while. Get away for a while, so that I get the opportunity to really look at my life, where I am headed with my girls and if indeed, that is where I wish to be headed.

I am aware, that I am not really giving very much away at this point and really, that is a part of the issue, because I feel like I can't, that I have to be very careful about what I share. And that, leaves me feeling very uneasy.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, in their lives. Its something I value a lot. But with everything, I have been going through, I have been feeling very unsettled in many ways.

So perhaps, I need to start doing things differently. So that I can really shake things up and open up new opportunities for myself and my girls. I know that I am certainly ready for it. I keep writing about embracing change, so now I want to really put it to the test.

I'm not talking about necessarily changing my lifestyle, but more the way in which I approach things, the way in which I call things to me. I have always considered myself to be very fortunate in life, but I also know that everything in life changes and that we need to be open to that.

Life is all about cycles, cycles of change and transformation. I am ready for mine.


I’m hoping this change you’re going to embrace helps inspire you again. I know all too well that feeling of being uninspired. It’s like no matter how hard you try to move and get out of that “stuck” zone you just stay there.

I think it’s great you’re looking ahead to new opportunities for you and your girls. Hopefully sooner than later you’ll get to have more moments to yourself. I can imagine how challenging that is for you.

I really love this photo of you…it’s poetic within itself.

Wishing you all the best ~ 💓

Thank you beautiful @crosheille, I hope you are keeping well. I love that new thumbnail. Sending love your way xxxx

Always ~ 💕

Thanks for the compliment of my new thumbnail!

Life is all about cycles, cycles of change and transformation. I am ready for mine.

@traisto and myself are exactly on the same page and probably on the verge of some big changes!
Good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

Yes, good luck with yours as well. Change is needed for many I think xxxx

Now you have me curious.

Oh I wish I could travel all the time. It seems you find yourself over and over on the road.

Feeling unsettled is hard. I hope you find an even keel.

Love that photo of you.

Thank you beautiful. I will message you soon.
I really wish I could travel a bit now, but it is not on the cards for me, not now anyhow. xxxxx

I hope that whatever change or changes you would take, you will enjoy and truly be happy with it together with your girls.

I can relate to the feeling of wanting some time to yourself, but struggling to find it. It sounds like you are at a crossroads in your life and trying to figure out what the next step is for you and your family.

My best advice to you is to take some time for yourself, even if it's just a few moments here and there. Self-care and self-reflection are crucial for growth and finding direction. It's also important to remember that change can be difficult, but it can also bring new opportunities and growth.

I would also suggest that you try to explore your thoughts and feelings through journaling or talking to a therapist or counselor. It can be helpful to have an objective person to talk to and help you process your thoughts and feelings.

You mentioned that you are considering traveling to get away and look at your life and where you want to be headed with your girls. I think that's a great idea, and it can be a wonderful opportunity to gain perspective, new experiences, and to bond with your family, but I understand that there's a lot to consider before "uprooting" or "shaking things up" like that, when you have children to look out for.

One alternative that doesn't require quite as much "risk", especially regarding your girls, is to try to approach your daily routine(s) differently. You can start small, like changing your morning routine, or taking on a new project. You might be surprised by how big of a difference even small steps can make in your life. Remember, change is not always easy, but it is necessary for growth.

However you choose to go forward, I wish you all the best as you navigate this journey.

Yes I am trying to take time for myself, so that i can really sit with my thoughts and think clearly. Thank you @jamesbrown.
Yes starting out slowly and with less risk is really important. Thank you for your words and support xxxx

If it feels right go for it! I am constantly letting go, to the point where I’m not sure what else works anymore 😆 it’s mostly just letting go of fear and judgement, I don’t feel I need to change my values or what drives me, just constantly shed old skin. I hope you get some travel time soon!

Hey, how are you? it's been too long.
I have been letting go a lot late, now for some action xxxxx

I wrote it ten minutes ago but I repeat myself, I am enchanted by your words.

You have also intrigued me but not everything needs to be said and it is right to have things to keep intimately to yourself.

I'm sure you'll be able to embrace change and evolve and improve, you're always reaching out to the good and the better and moreover you're not just for you but also and above all for your girls... who have a fantastic mom.

I send you all the positive that is in me together with a big hug!🤗

Amazing thanks for sharing these .i love these pictures

Its one thing to make plans to change and another thing is to take the conscious step to put it into practice. I admire your courage for wanting to take the bold step.

My heart goes out to you and your girls, may you all enjoy whatever decision you make🙂

Thanks for the support @ibbtammy xx

Change in life can come anytime and if that finds you, you should not hesitate because that may be the right time for it, you should be yourself and let good energy flow, good post, I admire your words.

Sending big hugs from the homeland. Opportunities are coming your way I believe as you are making yourself open to them. This may involve stepping out of your comfort zone a little, but why not? Life is short afterall and the girls will grow up some day, so try to remember yourself too and your interests and needs. I imagine that's all very tricky being a Solo Mama, but do your best. Are you all fluent in Spanish yet? Maybe that's a little project to work on together if not?

Thanks @ablaze, I really appreciate your words and support.
Remembering to breath and look after myself too.
Yes we could definitely work on our Spanish xxxxxx