Photos Don't Upload, So I Flow

in Self Improvement3 months ago (edited)

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but for some reason, my photos won't upload. So I find myself once again, unable to make the post, I had initially planned. One about my day, with some lovely photos I took when I was out and about. But no, instead, the universe has different plans for me.


I could actually still write it, but the photos I took, they really bring it to life. Telling their own story, as well. Plus sometimes, I find it difficult to put into words what I am seeing.

So instead, I'm just going with the flow. Slipping into the stream. And allowing life to unfold before me, without me interfering, so much.

I've been feeling super motivated, since I came back from the Estatic Arts Festival, where it just opened me up more to life. Helping me see myself clearer and feel appreciated and valued.

I grew up, where academy, was valued a lot more than wisdom. Where you needed to study the work of others, in order to be successful, instead of focusing on ourselves. So, we follow in the footsteps of others.

I understand the we do need and rely on the knowledge of others, I just think that only knowing that, limits us. And that's something, we should not be doing.

And yet we do.

I do it, I'll put my hand up and admit that I hold myself back, because I'm still learning how to value myself. I think quite a few of us are. Cos life is not feckin easy. It can really knock you about. Leave you all dented, on the inside.

I've been healing these last few years, whilst also going through some huge life changes, which I guess go hand in hand. Being at the festival, I felt so connected to myself, doing the things that I love, movement, dance, singing, swimming, connecting. Because I took the time, to step out of my life and step into the stream.

To flow.

And I remembered once again, that I carry this flow within me all of the time.

So, although my day started off quite busy and became quite eventful, I still found time to step into the flow, only this time with my writing.




Yes. I'm seeing posts and avatars all over that aren't displaying, and it’s been going on for a while now :(

What front end are you using, please?

Also. Yeah! That you made the time to attend the event and do all those marvelously fulfilling things! Glad you're feeling soft and open to life. Love that feeling ❤️

Sending love, mama bear. Hoping we get to see the pics again soon

And how lucky for us that you did.

Yes, I have been having sporadic trouble uploading to Hive for a few days now. It comes, and it goes. Very frustrating, but it eventually resolves itself, gets back into its own flow.

You've got the bones of a great haiku in here:

take the time
to step out of your life
and into the stream

Do you mind if I publish that? I'll gove you credit of course.

This is the way

The way of the Tao


I can see all photos fine

Even though Im just on very shitty mobile data

Yeah it does happens... I mean, sometimes, somehow on Ecency Frontend won`t allow to any users to upload pictures. What do I do when that happens? Well, I go to another frontend, like PeakD or Hive Blog and write my post there. Usually, you must wait a few hour in order to fix it.

The festival you attended sounds wonderful and I am happy to hear you connected deeply on so many levels! You ARE awesome. Every day! That's an incredible tree in the photo! What a Woppa!