REVIEW: No Sudden Move (2021): Twists and turns galore.


After watching this I ran across someone saying they fell asleep during this movie. Sometimes I really feel out of touch with the modern film going audience. I haven't been this engaged in a story in a good long time.

This is Steven Soderberg's new film, this alone means you should watch it. The cast alone is a treat. Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, David Harbor, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Kieran Culkin and Bill Duke for some name drops. What a cast!

This film is extremely hard to review as it has so many twists and turns. Sadly, I can't talk much about this one without spoiling it. On the surface it's a crime drama. At first I thought this was a remake of The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) but no that's only the starting point.


Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro are hired for a couple of hours to watch over a family. The husband/father is forced to obtain an unknown document against his will. The story essentially begins here.

Everything goes to hell very quickly and the story revolves around finding the entities that are running this entire show. So much is happening at every turn and this could do with several viewings.

This is something to experience and is classic Soderberg. All the information you need to start this film is in the directors surname.


This is a high 7 in the rating department. I don't understand the audience rating. The film is a brisk 90 minutes and is extremely engaging. Maybe no explosions or blue beams forming in the sky? This is worth your time.

Rotten Tomatoes is telling me the critics give this a 91% with an audience score of 61%.

Good job on the folks cutting the trailer. A snappy cut without spoiling the movie. We need more of this.

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I really liked this film, its story full of twists, the characters full of greed, others showing loyalty and what surprised me the most was the ending, a last act with surprising twists in its story.

I think this film has gone very unnoticed, it has good performances, great characters, good direction with a better narrative, without any doubt I recommend it 100%.

Excellent review.

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This came out of nowhere and I was very impressed. You're so right about it being unnoticed as I rarely see anyone talking about it given who directed it. Those stumbling across it will have a great time or fall asleep 😀

sweet cast and it isn't predictable? Sounds like I am definitely going to like this. What streaming platform did you see it on?

This is on HBO right now

sweet. thanks for the info. Gonna go get it now.

I heard from a friend it was boring. I didn't see it myself, but the trailer looks interesting.
Thanks for the reminder :)

no explosions or blue beams forming in the sky


No Channing Tatum in this one but I managed to somehow make it through 😀

whatever rocks your boat, Buffalo :p

I saw this film some time ago and it was worth watching. A good crime plot with proper twist is always good to watch in my opinion.