Hello! Welcome to The Movies & TV Shows Community Account!


Hello there! Welcome to the first post here on the Movies & TV Shows Community account. The creation of this account is something that has been needed for quite a while now, and I'll get into a few details in this post as to how I, @namiks, believe that it can contribute to the growth of not just the Community here on Hive, but all of you that participate in the wonderful world of movies and television shows by writing about them.

For those of you that don't know much about me: I began writing about movies and television shows in 2017, and there was no Community for it for the longest time. The hashtags were essentially a wasteland and the topic was simply niche. Many users came and went, and the curation for the subject was almost nonexistent. I wanted to do something about it, and have been attempting to curate and provide exposure to the subject ever since. The creation of Communities has been a fundamental piece in doing just that, allowing us all to post in one obvious location and come together to write, read, curate, and interact with each other.

Here are just a few plans for this account:

  • Highlight exceptional and undervalued content
  • Promote interaction: comments, discovery of content, curation
  • Build Hive Power: curate content and offer delegations to flourishing users
  • Create events that reward users: contests
  • Create a diverse, changing team of Moderators: providing new opportunities
  • Financially support Moderators for their work
  • Promote and expand a Community Discord server

Many of these plans, I believe, offer some vital improvements to the Community and Hive itself, shifting the way in which we use Communities and interacting with each other. We're using a platform that offers such incredible support, we just have to begin to utilise it. I believe that with the help of Moderators, with varying nationalities and strengths, we can empower the many different cultures that make up the Movies & TV Shows Community. It also means ensuring that varying backgrounds are given an opportunity to contribute to its management and growth going forward.

At a later date, with the Community account hopefully generating some income to support the funding of events and delegations to the users while ensuring curation efforts do not suffer, I'd love to be able to offer financial support to the Moderators that I onboard, ensuring that they don't just have the access they need for supporting the Community, but are given something for their efforts. As of now, there are two Moderators for the Movies & TV Shows Community: @macchiata and @jcrodriguez. These two Moderators have both been ensuring content has been rewarded with the help of the OCD Communities Incubation Program.

While the types of content to be posted here aren't yet finalised, here are a few concepts:

  • Weekly reports on the best posts of the week
  • Reports on the most undervalued posts
  • Contests: chances to earn liquid Hive or delegations
  • Events: similar to contests but promoting interaction and the most active users

Naturally, such concepts could require research and time to produce, and even schedule. So these aren't yet finalised, and it may take a little time to get into the routine of things. That said, I really look forward to expanding this Community and working to produce something that really shows what Hive is capable of.

As of writing this, there are now 1,508 subscribers, and $1,500 worth of pending rewards. I look forward to the day where this might be double, perhaps even triple the amount.


I am glad to have discovered this community. My wife and I like to watch and discuss movies. I'm looking forward to being active to share my experiences and read those of others.

Thank you for being part of this community. :)

This community is incredible and deserves much more attention and recognition because in addition to its excellent content, there are many members here who write very well about Cinema (in general) and TV Shows.

Within my possibilities and availability of time, you can count on me to help make this community continue to grow.

This was long needed! It's good that the community will be more active. I can't wait to see everything you have to show and I want to start participating in everything you plan to do.

Thank you! I look forward to getting the Discord server up and getting people interacting. I think it'll be very nice to get some ideas and feedback from everyone regarding how this account goes forward.

I was tempted to provide the link in this post, but with the recent phishing attempts I felt it was best to wait a little longer.

Yes! You can count with my help in anything you want, I love to make reports, I can make them even with my phone, lol.

This community it's one of my favorites, so I will always be around.

This community it's one of my favorites, so I will always be around.

Thank you! I've noticed you've been around quite often, and I enjoy reading your posts. Once the Discord is live and we have things rolling out, we can talk more about Moderator options.

Hello, you have known for years my friends and I met at my house with some beers and spent the night talking about movies and series, hahaha we seemed like professionals thinking about how good or bad a movie was, etc.

I have like 30 days posting here in the Movies & TV Shows community and I really like to see many active users posting a bit of everything and that's great.

The most important thing is to see that people share what they are passionate about or like and if you can exchange ideas, opinions and points of view about a series or movie that you like.

This is the land of CINEPHILES! 😊😬🎥🎞️💙✌️

my friends and I met at my house with some beers and spent the night talking about movies and series...

That sounds pretty nice! And it led to your posts here on Hive! I've noticed you're a very frequent poster in the community, it's great to see others with such passion for cinema.

As I told you before, I used to talk for hours with my friends about movies and in this community I am sure that I found people passionate about movies like me.


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I have just discovered this community today. I think we're going to be great friends. My wife and I love watching shows together and discussing the episodes. Same thing for movies.

This looks great @namiks. I think this will be a popular community!

I hope so! I'd love for it to finally break free from being a niche to a huge destination here on Hive.

So happy to see this account!!!

Thank you! I can't wait to see how much of a difference it makes in helping other creatives in the community and ensuring they're seen here on Hive!

Se lee una gran iniciativa, espero que todos esos proyectos que tienes se hagan realidad y #Movies &Tv Shows siga creciendo y abarque muchas más publicaciones
@moviesonhive @namiks
Estaré pendiente de sus concursos y publicaciones.
Y le s doy la bienvenida!!

I am new here, but I like what I have seen so far in this community. Thanks for making this all possible!