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Author: @geadriana

The Platform (El Hoyo), a Spanish science fiction film

Watching movies is one of my hobbies and, rather, I guess you could say I'm addicted to series and movies. In fact, they are my daily companion, since I spend the whole day watching some series or enjoying various films. Of course, I also do other things. Don't think I don't do anything. I choose something that I can easily follow without the need to pay full attention. That way I can get some work done.



Movie review: The Suicide Squad (2021)

What's up? It's ya boi, crusty zombie guy who crawled his ass over to the keyboard to talk about some stupid shit. Today, I'm gonna be quickly going over a movie I watched recently, one that I'm sure a few of you have probably seen as well. It's called The Suicide Squad, not to be confused with Suicide Squad. You know, that one super hero movie that was such a shit stain that it burned the very souls of those who watched it. Because it was probably the worst superhero movie to come out in the last 10 years, in my opinion. So, as you can probably surmise, it had a very high bar to overcome if it really wanted to be a stinky shit fest like it's predecessor.



Killer Mermaid is Low budget but the fun type

You might be used to movies about pretty mermaids turning full human, having to hide their identity, and even falling in love. Well, brace up because this is not your regular mermaid movie, not only does she have killer looks, she's a killer mermaid.




Sweet Home - Do you have the will to resist your desires? | Impressions and series review

Hello, living beings! Today I'm back with a review of this weird thing I finished watching recently, it's a very weird series and I'm thankful I didn't finish watching the trailer because then I wouldn't have watched it, and I'll tell you why.



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