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Author: @iosunepower

Review Nicky Jam (El Ganador)

To begin with, I would like to highlight that I broke some of my prejudices when I started watching the series, since as I say in the video, I am not a big fan of the urban genre, much less reggaeton. With these highly explicit lyrics in the sexual sphere, which contribute to developing inappropriate behavior within sentimental relationships and also, within the sexual sphere (note, this is only my opinion). But prejudices aside, the title of the series, at first, was inspiring to me. And this made me think that behind a reggaeton singer there was a story of resilience and self-improvement, very necessary to achieve success and to finally become a world reference within the music of the urban genre. And really, this series surprised me for the better, realizing the inspiring testimony, told in the first person by Nicky Jam.


Author: @freidimar18

Review | Great success of the cinema | In search of happiness (2006)


Regarding the main characters, I loved how Will plays the role, he is a pro in this area of acting, I really admire him a lot. Jaden, Will's son in real life, for a child plays his role incredibly well, he looks very natural and calm. I really don't have anything negative to say about it. The atmosphere, was quite in line with the whole plot. And on the other hand, what had the most impact on the filming were the thoughts that were undoubtedly very conisdered and super powerful, among them I highlight; "If you have a dream you have to protect it. People who can't do something will tell you that you can't do it either. If you want something go for it, period" And to close, you have to see the ending, I cried from so much joy.


Author: @davidpena21

Luck (Review)


A movie where it shows us a world that is ideal for all ages, where each of the colors, characters, scenes and things that happen in the movie makes it very funny, we can not forget that life is very simple and uncomplicated and that for everyone good luck will always be the best. It shows us how a simple coin will break and end all that, something that for me was a little exaggerated in this movie, however, everything revolves around that. As for the characters of this animated film, I could not recognize any actor that makes life in it, however, each of them put a unique touch and a perfect personality to take this movie to another level, being the teenager Sam and the cat Bob one of the main characters, as both will have to do a teamwork and thus be able to end or eliminate that bad luck, in a magical world. Besides, there are other characters that are also important and I liked the way they acted, since they give in some way that contribution of value in their lives, so that everything can go in the best way.


Author: @mafalda2018

The Wonderful World of Pandora | The Way of Water Movie Review


I was looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen with my cotufas and coke. Despite the reviews, it fulfilled all my expectations. I believe that only a sensitive human being is capable of having such a brilliant and creative mind to have created the world of Pandora. My applause to James Cameron, the entire cast and crew. I immersed myself in the magical and wonderful atmosphere of Pandora, I felt that I was part of that world, in that sea of knowledge and wisdom. I enjoyed and my eyes were enraptured by so many extraordinary spaces and so much beauty. I loved that in this film, love and respect for the space of people and the decisions that each person makes are captured. “AVATAR2: The Way of Water”, was released in December 2022. This beautiful movie was directed by Canadian James Cameron. I enjoyed 190 minutes of emotions and action. The music, the sound, the landscapes and the characters make this film unforgettable.


Author: @lionsaturbix

A crazy story you should see / Bullet train / Review


This movie will seem a bit strange to us, as the movie will first immerse us in the part where everything starts off well, everyone finds what they are looking for, and they act as if the mission they were given to each of the assassins. But then it triggers a series of misunderstandings where each one of them begin to kill each other, as they can not use firearms begin to defend themselves with their fists, while others are having a cup of tea in the VIP room.


Author: @belena2128

Beauty and the Beast 1991, "My Opinion on this Beautiful Classic".


The case of Bella, who in my opinion was one or several steps ahead of the others, reading all the books that were in the small library of the town, when many were not interested in books and others did not even know how to read, feeling that in another place there could be something more for her, causing the other people to reject her; This is a clear reflection of many young people that we see in our society, who for their own reasons, depending on who they are or how they are, feel that they do not belong in the place where they are, that it has fallen short for them, personally it is good and bad at the same time, from the point of view in which we see it; because I know that we must not be conformist, we always have to move forward in our life, but one step at a time, without wanting to skip some, that later you will miss, always evaluating the place where you are, who are with you, and what you can do for them, not thinking only about you, so that in this way they do not fall into the error of belittling the place where you were born and grew up, nor make the people who saw you born and grow up feel belittled.


Author: @bethyjade

Let's talk about Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Another thing that was great was that Disney arranged with Warner bros for their cartoons to appear in the film as part of the cartoon world, so we get to see Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck interacting with each other, which is unprecedented. The soundtrack is a work of art, reminiscent of the typical soundtracks of those animation classics of the 40's (the period on which the film is based and which was the golden age of animation), lots of jazz and what we can define as "Interactive Music" or "Mickey Mousing" that accompanies each scene in a masterful way. I found the premise of the film quite creative and new (at least for the time), the way the creators technically tell us "animation is not just for kids" in such a creative and fresh way is phenomenal, on the other hand I feel the film aged really well because looking at it today, the effects look quite realistic as far as it goes, it's a magnificent film in all its splendour.



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