Movies & TV Shows Community Update & New Rules: What Do We Expect?


The Movies & TV Shows Community has been experiencing some rather exciting growth in the last few months, going from 1,500 subscribers to over 2,205 seemed like a change that took place over the span of a single night. I've been really happy with the amount of passionate people that have been joining and contributing, and I look forward to the future this community has.

When I created the Movies & TV Shows Community, I didn't want to control or put any limitations in place that felt like it restricted the types of content people posted, and for the most part I feel that has really helped the space flourish and produce a wide variety of content. For example: there's no requirement on language, you are free to write and create posts in any language you feel comfortable with. The aim is to have a diverse community that can curate and support good content here on Hive, removing restrictions such as language and ensuring all are welcome.

Eventually, we aim to start encouraging content of other languages and ensuring they're supported the same as English posts. Right now, I believe we do a really good job at that, but there's still more we could and plan on doing. One of these improvements is to gradually build Hive Power here on @moviesonhive and begin actively curating content of all types, and once at a comfortable position, begin offering delegations to particular users that we feel are really supporting the community and deserve some help.



Moving forward, we do want to begin adding a few basic rules to the Movies & TV Shows Community. These aren't anything that will restrict the types of content you post, but will just serve as a basic foundation to what we expect to see when curating, and what types of content we'll simply not support, or downvote or mute in worst case scenarios:

  • Plagiarism of any sort will be downvoted if rewarded, and muted.
  • Off-topic content will be muted, please ensure your post is related to Movies & TV Shows.
  • Posts with links to free streams/and or downloads to movies or shows will be muted.

These rules will be found on the Community page. They're subject to change as the space continues to grow. But again they shouldn't interfere with your posts at all.

We do not have any content specific rules, so you're free to post your own videos if you prefer recording over writing. We welcome features, reviews, opinion posts, and contests of your own. If you are running a contest of your own, feel free to reach out to us with a @moviesonhive tag or message us on Discord; we'd be more than happy to contribute and raise awareness of your contests while curating them!


What Do We Expect?

Ultimately, we don't really expect anything. We have a simplified structure in regards to what we find exceptional content, and what perhaps doesn't qualify when it comes to curation and contests. We naturally enjoy posts that have taken the time to use correct grammar and punctuation, as well as posts that have a diverse use of relevant images (screenshots from the movie or show you're reviewing, for example). That said, the above doesn't necessarily apply to video content, since we understand that the main focus is in the video and providing personality to your content.

Personality is something we highly enjoy, and we love to see posts in which people really display their personalities and preferences. While this is not a rule or requirement, it's simply a preference of our own, due to the increase in interaction and support a post with identity produces.

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Buenas noches. Este es un post muy valioso, es importante tener las reglas claras y la voluntad de hacerlo cada día mejor. En lo particular me gusta subir trailers, como señala @bigcarrillo dan una idea más clara de lo que venimos presentando y crean un mayor entusiasmo para ver la película, sin embargo, me surge una duda: ¿subirlos de YouTube es ilegal?
Por otro lado el amigo @eve66 sugiere una lista, pienso que cada uno hace su interpretación, percibe elementos distintos que creo es a lo que hace referencia @laloretoyya cuando dice dale personalidad a tu post.
Estoy encantada con esta comunidad espero ser más consecuente con mi interacción. Saludos y gracias 😊

Hola... Siempre y cuando deje claro de donde obtiene las imágenes o videos que pueda usar como apoyo, no pasará nada.

Yo uso capturas de pantalla y obviamente coloco la fuente original, es muy importa darle siempre crédito a los dueños de las imágenes o videos que usemos de apoyo.

Claro es genial darle ese estilo único a los post o videos, que de verdad se vea el interés y el esfuerzo por hacer algo bien que tenga ese valor agregado.


Muchas gracias y feliz día para todos

May the Moviegoers (Cinéfilos) community continue to grow and may we see more interaction between the inhabitants of this great community.

It's great to see posts where many Cinephiles come together to exchange ideas, thoughts or open a discussion about a movie or series.

I think it is something that should be taken into account in future curations, as I have seen how interaction is left aside and only focus on posting but not in making community.

Obviously this is my opinion and personal point of view, no one is obligated to comment on the posts of others but how nice it is to see a Cinephile community that exchanges comments with other users of the community, but well every head is a world and we just have to keep building this community.

Being a Cinephile is not a fashion is a lifestyle.

Greetings and blessings!

Being a Cinephile is not a fashion is a lifestyle.

I love this, in my case it's more than 30 years of enjoying good movies and excellent series.

That's great and may it be many more years!

Obviously this is my opinion and personal point of view, no one is obligated to comment on the posts of others but how nice it is to see a Cinephile community that exchanges comments with other users of the community, but well every head is a world and we just have to keep building this community.

Yep! That's something we've discussed and taken into consideration too! Interaction is good, but at the same time nobody should be forced into interacting if they don't wish to do so.

Of course, that must flow from each one.

Hi, I'm passionate about movies and series, but I'm not a specialist in making reviews. However I have ventured to write a few.

I would like to know what are the guidelines to qualify for a curation in the Community.

Personally I don't like spoilers and I don't post an image of a key moment, nor do I like to take screenshots of the movie because I think it is forbidden by copyright.

I take images from IDMb, or another site.

It is difficult to have a good spelling and grammar in a language that you do not master, The Latin community mostly uses Translator.

I suggest having an index of series and movies to avoid repeating reviews.

However it is a community with an excellent future on the platform.

Good luck.

Translated with (free version)

We fully support bilingual posts and understand that good grammar and punctuation may not apply to those who aren't native English speakers. So we're fully open to having people write in their respective languages. For those who speak Spanish, we have the Moderator @jcrodriguez that is fluent in Spanish himself.

We are also fine with people writing and using a translator to translate their posts to English if needed. We'll still curate them providing the post is good, and again, we have the great Moderator @jcrodriguez to help read the native section if the post is in Spanish.

Don't worry about things not being perfect, of course we all make mistakes when posting here on Hive (I do it all the time!) and we won't punish anyone for that, it's just more of a general guideline for people to follow. If your general message is good, it'll get supported. :)

In regards to qualifying: you can write about anything you wish. As long as it is related to movies or television shows somehow. You can even write about your favourite actors, or just write a non-spoiler review of a movie or tv show. We support all types of posts, providing they fit the community itself.

You're also fine to post screenshots alongside your reviews. As @bigcarrillo said: it provides a bit more value to the post. His advice was very good!

When I see a post with screenshots where they show me a bit of the movie and at the same time give you that perfect context to enjoy even more of what it shows us, I always appreciate it as I am aware that it takes a while to take the screenshots that are perfect to give visual context to the review. The extra work always gives an extra value to any work.

Best regards! 😎🎬✌️

Personally I don't like spoilers and I don't post an image of a key moment, nor do I like to take screenshots of the movie because I think it is forbidden by copyright

I do screenshots, I think it is a resource that gives more value to the publication and serves as a visual support for the reader to have a vague idea of what the film is about is less likely to see a Spoilers through a series of images. Rather, the trailers themselves drop several Spoilers on you.

As long as you leave the source or a message specifying where the images are taken from nothing happens.

I leave a message below the main image where I make clear that the rights of the image belong to the distributor or the generic of the film.

The important thing is to keep enjoying what we love and share with the community.

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I know it's hard for many people to start using their voice in their publications, but I think it's simple practice, just start. I really like the rules, they are simple. I always encourage people not to use download links in their posts because that's piracy, we don't want it here.

This is clear and I appreciate it ;D

Esto es verdaderamente genial. Si bien no es algo limitante de igual nos ofrece una estructura para utilizar en las publicaciones. Yo no soy de hacer reviews un tanto mecánicas, yo me enfoco en entender la historia que una pelicula me cuenta y como esta me afecta mi manera de pensar y ver el mundo. Esto es lo que hace el verdadro arte en general y cuando nos detenemos a ver una película tenemos que sentir que estamos ante algo y reaccionar ante eso. Es lo que opino del cine y el efecto que tiene en mi.