Taken + Home Alone = Rambo 5: Last Blood (a review)

After watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix last week, I discovered the most recent Rambo movie on Netflix. So, since I never got to watch Sylvester Stallone in his last Rambo movie in the cinema, this was a perfect opportunity to stream the movie. But, is it worth it?

I remember watching the trailer before the release of the movie. It looked kind of interesting, but not something that I would die to watch. Honestly, what can an old Sylvester Stallone give us as John Rambo in this movie?

To my great surprise, I actually enjoyed the movie. This is why!

Why I enjoyed Rambo 5: Last Blood?

First of all, this is a real pensioner story. In the first 25 minutes, nothing really happens, and we just get to learn some stuff about Rambo, his house, his life, and his family. But, somehow, I wasn't really bored while watching... I guess the chocolate had a positive effect on me at this moment.

But, then it was time for Liam Neeson and Taken to be implemented! If you keep on reading, I might spoilt parts of the story, but I will try not to spoil a lot!

The daughter of his brother lives with John, but she is determined to visit her real father in Mexico. The visit doesn't go well, and she goes to a party where she is drugged and taken captive and used within the sex industry. Rambo comes to get here, and this is Taken, just with Sylvester Stallone instead of Liam Neeson.

John Rambo.jpg

Rambo makes a mess in Mexico, and now the bad guys come to take him down... it is time for Macaulay Culkin and Home Alone. I guess you know what that means? The bad guys decide to go to the property of Rambo to get their revenge!

So, that is the main story of the movie... and it is kind of amusing. Sylvester Stallone feels like a real oldie who barely manage to walk around, but somehow, he gets the adrenaline and speed needed in the time of trouble.

To be honest...

Rambo 5: Last Blood isn't a fantastic movie. But, somehow it managed to take me into the story and enjoy it all. It was surprisingly brutal, especially in the last part of the movie, but Rambo is kind of nice, so after tricking people into his traps, he always shoots them quickly in order for the bad guys not to suffer too much... with the exception of the last guy... that is just brutal! I was surprised to see it. If you have seen the movie, you will be surprised as well. To be honest, I actually looked on my wall instead of at the screen there, simply because it was more brutal than what I like in movies.

Rambo 5 review.jpg

All in all, Rambo 5: Last Blood is entertaining, it is action for pensioners, and it works... simply because it is Rambo and we like his presence.

If this would have been a movie with no history, without Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), and just a nobody in the main role, it would have been a disaster. But, given its history, the character of Rambo, and his awesome knives... it works!

My Rambo 5: Last Blood score: 7/10

Have you seen Rambo 5? How did you like it? I would love to hear your honest thoughts! The movie currently has a 6.2/10 score on IMDb, while it has a 27% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. That is kind of slaughter, but the audience score is about 80%. So, it might be that it is a poor movie, but still, people love it.

So, what about you?