The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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Welcome to the Hive Engagement League!

Thank you to everyone who sponsors and supports the EL, your kindness is appreciated!

If you wish to be added or removed from my master list, please let me know with a comment.


The Hive Engagement League

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement on the Hive blockchain.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here, including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks. Only the top 100 scores are shown.

The score is made up from a simple formula which uses the following types of engagement:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments outside of own posts (CO)
  • Unique Author posts (UA)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (CR)
  • Comments - length in characters (CL)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (UV)
  • Self-votes - No minus score but no bonus HIVE (SV)

Note: Copy/Paste comments will be excluded!

Hive Engagement League Table

Images best viewed on and leofinance

  • 472 accounts earned a score this week (461 last week)
  • The top 100 produced 708 top level posts (669 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 20531 comments (19471 last time)
  • The top 100 produced over 3.11 million characters of text in comments (2.94 last time)
  • The top 100 cast 27485 votes (29991 last time), of these, 171 were self-votes (147 last time)
  • 341 of the 472 accounts that earned a score this week chose not to vote their own account (332 of 461 last time)

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner:

@hopestylist ! 🏆

@quduus1 finishes 2nd and @tengolotodo is 3rd.

🎁 Prizes 🎁

A share of around 25 HP for the top 10 in the Engagement League goes to:

@hopestylist, @quduus1, @tengolotodo, @littlebee4, @jfang003, @malos10, @ifarmgirl, @nkemakonam89, @princessbusayo, and @brittandjosie.


Lucky numbers

The list is ordered by the date that sponsor first offered a prize for their lucky number.

Thank you to everyone sponsoring a number in the Engagement League, very kind of you all!

If you wish to sponsor a lucky number (with a prize of your choice) let me know. Also, please tell me if you no longer want to sponsor.

Ecency Points

Thanks to @good-karma & @ecency, Ecency Points will be given out by @melinda01010 to a selection of accounts that reached the top 100 in the Engagement League. Find out more here.


  • If you have spotted any glaring mistakes in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions please enter them into the box below

Have a good week all!


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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @mypathtofire, @michupa, @joydukeson ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Happy Halloween everyone! 💀 🎃 👻 🔮 ✨ 🧡 🖤

And congratulations @stefano.massari - I just sent your prize to your wallet.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 14-30-18 Stefano Massari - @stefano.massari PeakD.png

And an early happy Hive Power Up Day to all for tomorrow! ♥️ ⤴️

Happy Halloween to you too 🎃🦇👻.

I wish you a happy Hive power up day too 🤗

Hive power up day in few hours
I will participate for sure 😊

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎉🥳🥳 to you 👍👌😎

Happy Halloween @traciyork 👋🏻🎃👻
Happy HPUD 😉🥳

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thank you so much! In this period of bear market I have not seen the interactions between me and the people I follow decrease, on the contrary the interactions for me have increased. Hive is also doing great during the bear market in my opinion

I forgot to say, I participated in the Hive Power Up Day and I intend to participate again next month

Eeep... I knew that I was forgetting something! Congratulations to everyone... but we all know that the real winners are the middle of the road HBI winners! I'm registering your HBI share right now... lunch can wait!


Congrats everyone for the amazing job you do keeping the world of Hive turning.

Ecency Points prizes this week go to those at number 11-20 on the list! 300 POINTS have been sent to each of you!

@alokkumar121 Congrats on being Lucky Number 40. You have 200 Ecency POINTS in your wallet from me!

Thanks, Asher! ♥️

thanks for the reward @melinda010100

Thank you so much @melinda010100 😊 everybody did so great!

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Wow the power up and engagement gang are on fire 😅🥰

@hopestylist @quduus1 @burlarj I see you guys, you pipo are doing well.

Congrats to the top 10, top 20 and of course to the top 100... It's not easy, you all make Hive worth more with your comments and engagements.

I won a lucky number, today is my lucky day huh? 😁 Congrats to me.

Thanks @abh12345 for the efforts, we appreciate you ❤️

Those guys are killing it Merit 🥰😂

I wonder when I will be like them..lolz
Congratulations on your lucky number👍

As in ehn... They have strength, too much of it.
Thanks 🥰

But what is the mother of our boys still doing awake by this time? 😅


Mummy is working hard for the boys😂😇

We are proud of you mummy 🥰

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy ❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰 thank you for the mention merit

I'm proud of you and my baby sis, you two are doing well 😊

Thank you very much @merit.ahama ...
@hopestylist get your legs working down here asap ✨✨✨

Haha you're calling her again o
Another edition to begin huh?

heheheh yeah indeed she needs to be here as my victory is incomplete without her just as hers toooo woohooooo

Awwn, thank you so much Sist, I'm also very proud of you 🥰❤️

we are indeed proud of her xd

Yes Buddy, we are, she is just so damn amazing even my daddy too Buzhay and Nkem. I hope to see them keep putting in effort, hehe.

Yeah they can do it, they just need motivation my dear and now that thy have been motivated they will keep on soaring high

Congratulations to you my buddy, I'm so proud of you sha 🥰

hehehe it was a good one my dear, lets keep on going

Yes dear, let's keep doing what we know how to do best and keep being there for each other and keep creating fun for everyone, hehehe.

Hehehe that is the goal my there. I have entered the hive engagement league to stay and nothing else so let's get everyone in the game and one day we can assist those who assisted us to achieve better or what do you think?

Hmm, I love the sound of that, but I will need you to do more explaining on what you really mean because I'm barely understanding this, lolz.

congratulations on winning the lucky number dear... you rock

Yeah, you guys are the lucky ones, hehe. I've never won a lucky number, just the top one to five, hehe.

hehehe lolz, leave that spot na and come to special number sebi u are tired of the first place, lets switch my dear lolz

Hahaha, I will love to do that but I'm just so used to having fun with engaging, it will be really hard 😏

Heheh 🤣🤣🤣 then don't say that again lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 because I know you lolz 😂🤣🤣

Hahaha okay, I will try not too but that's just how it is sha 😂😂

we are rocking it well🔥 congrats to us, let the looting continue😁

Yeah yeah 😁🥰

Yes daddy, we all are doing really well, let's do a lot better this time.

hello baby, is there any post link about tomorrow power up?

I don't think I got your question daddy, please rephrase

tomorrow is november 1st, hpud[hive power up day] is there a post explaining in details what we need to do?

Okay now I get it. Hivebuzz normally make a post for that day so you can check it's account for a post 😊

Put me in your looting bag please 😂

Thank you so much dear, indeed everyone made this possible, so congratulations to us and you especially for being a lucky girl, hehehe. I wonder if I will ever be as lucky as you, lolz.

Haha you won't be lucky, you're always at the top 😊 remain there

Hahaha, that sounds fun but really sweet, I will remain at the top, hehehe

I am the 98th this week. This is because I spend more time with things in real life. And when I am on the go, nowadays I play Splinterlands and other video games.

Congratulations @hopestylist!!!❤️ Sweet!!! Another win!!❤️ You are rocking it! ❤️❤️❤️


@quduus1Congrats on the second place!!! Woo-hoo!

@tengolotodo Yay, ED!!! Good for you! Again! Again!

Heart Vine (L).png

Congratulations to lucky #9 @princessbusayo!! I sent a prize to your wallet! Power up, baby!

Hello Asher!! @abh12345 Thank you for making this such a fun place to be! I hope all is well with you!!

Have a great week everyone!

I'm getting a chicken dinner again, hehe, thank you so much Denise for always taking your time to prepare us this chicken dinner, I hope to learn how to prepare it someday from you, hehe.

Thank you so so much for your sweet words as always, sending you a very warm hug, do have a fabulous day ahead 🤗❤️.

Ha! Well deserved!! Chicken dinner is my specialty! :) Congratulations once again and good luck in the next round!

I see that and that's why I need to learn from the best, hehehe. Thank you so much, I love having fun so I know it will be beautiful 😍.

Hope you are having a great day?

Thank you too Denise :)

🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Thank you so much @dswigle I so much appreciate this. Yea, I am powering up 😎😎

My pleasure! Glad to see you powered up also!

Omg thanks you really much 💕 is a honor for me to be here for the first time!!

I didnt even know that one could do a powerup for another account

Smiles, we are so happy to have you here too, I'm happy you got to learn something new today. I hope to see your name on the list next week 😉.

You know the deal @brittandjosie!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy ❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 this is indeed worth celebrating to be honest especially @burlarj coming 44th from 55th woohoo 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

yea am making progress, am proud of myself lol

heehehe you need to be 2 make the success more sweeter...

I'm proud of you too daddy, let's go another 10 step or more upward 😊😍.

Hehehe 🤣🤣 yeah 11 would be better lolz 😂

i am ready🤙

No one is dragging the first position with you, remain on top❣️

Smiles, okay daddy, I'm happy to know that you are ready, let's do this 😎

Yes Foxy, I agree with you, that was indeed a great move, hehe, I look forward to seeing how he performs this week, another 10 + steps upward won't be impossible, smiles.

Heheh 🤣🤣🤣 yeah he needs to buckle up and he will be unstoppable my dear and he is going to move fast

Woohoo 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 we have done it again 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰....

Yes Foxy, we made it again, this week is going to be so much fun, hehe, I'm loving the thought of it, hehe. Good luck dear ❤️

Hehehe 🤣🤣 yeah we need to buckle up my dear, we must make hive proud and with our encourage more engagers to keep on going

Yes dear we need to keep it up, we have already buckled up, now we need to remain consistent and persistent, hehehe. I'm very sure more people will have no choice than to want to try and keep up.

Yeah they have to and need to because it is a necessity to growth on the platform or am I mistaken????

No not at all nut they can still grow with the little they are doing, hehe.

Hmmm well I am not saying they can't, why can't they do more to go as a fast pace...

That is awesome Asher
Congratulations partner @hopestylist you really are the Engagement Queen of Hive and do it perfectly.
Well done to @quduus1, you and Hope are so far ahead of the rest of us!
Keep it up and well done everyone.

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ohhh yeah its nice having you here tengo my friend, it was indeed a worthy cup, thanks to you and to other encouragers of mine, i look forward to seeing you back in your spot, i need to aim higher and that is if hope is dulling or sleeping lolz... thank you and congratulations to us....

hehe oh trust me, you and Hope have set the bar high, I know the scores and you two are way ahead.
Yes I think Hope needs to sleep more, that is the only way she will lose her crown!
Good luck though😁

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hehehehe aye aye lolz, hope is never sleeping lolz, she is as awake as a fox lolz, i know we will still enjoy this together next week my friend, till then lets keep on celebrating and soon we will be clinking glasses

That is right she is !

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heheheheh okay tengo my friend see you next week it was a lovely chat and congrats once again buddy

hehe and you too mate, have a good one!

I see my partner know so much about me, hehehe. Of course I want to make it very competitive for Quduus so he can know how hard it can get, hehehe. But I'm very sure he will be able to keep up because he is so good, hehe.

hehe it is cute getting to know about my partner!
Yes he is great and you two set hive on fire last week!

Yes partner, same here 😊.

Hahaha, yes we did, lolz

My fox in trouble 😂😵‍💫

Yes nau, that's when he will know he is damn good when he hit the top one, hehe.

I jump and pass this competition 🤣

Hahaha, you are doing really well and I know you are coming for the top but hey, you have to really work very hard for it, hehe. Maybe you won't get some good sleep, hehe.

Heheh 🤣🤣 I love my position at the moment my dear, I am not going for sleepless nights but I will Challenge you one day but not now lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha, you should rest well my dear, if you don't get it now doesn't mean you won't, you know that was how I thought too and before I knew it I was on the top. My partner and little bee were not joking 😂😂

Heheh 🤣🤣🤣 you won't accept this easily lol 🤣🤣 I will try my best lolz 😂🤣 but I am okay where I am but don't sleep sha

Hahaha, I will sleep so you can get the chance you need, go Buddy, make me proud. This week might be a little tight for me but I will try and make out time to engage well.

Awwn, thank you so much my amazing best partner ever!! I'm really so glad we are doing so much and it's paying off, I'm having a lot of fun with you coming around and @quduus1 always coming so fast behind me, hehe.

Congratulations to you too partner, I love your energy, I learned a lot from you 🤗.

Heheh 🤣🤣🤣 yeah, same here I learnt a lot from Tengo too, he is indeed a fighter and I wish to see him at the top next week but I ain't going down without some fun.

oh I am quite happy watching you two at the top, don;t worry about me 🤣🤣🤣

Hehehe to get okay but we will love to be TRIPLE top engagers

Smiles, that will be awesome, I'm sure my partner will keep staying at that spot and then higher, never below expect for unforseen circumstances.

Yeah I want all of us at the top together if possible three 1sts heheh 🤣🤣

Hahaha, that's really funny partner but I totally understand that, after all I'm representing you very well ❤️

Oh you are the best and Happy Hive Power Up Day partner ;)

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Same to you Tengo my friend 💕💕

Thank you so much partner, I wish you the same 🥰🐝🐝.

Hmmm representative lol 🤣🤣

Yes na, it's not easy you know 😂😜

Hahaha, you this bad Foxy, I'm very sure he's going to keep having fun because he don't like doing anything that there isn't fun, hehe. All the best to everyone on the list, we hope to keep going higher, hehe.

Yeah I am here to stay lolz 😂🤣🤣 and with everyone else too lolz 😂🤣🤣 happy engagement 💯

I see that Buddy, let's keep the fire burning, hehe.

Yeah till the next week...
See me in dm today don't forget

That is great to see and now you pass it onto quduus, it is all great and keep the Hive buzzing partner:)

Yes I did pass it to him and he is doing so much better, hehe and that's just how it should be, hehehe.

At this point, I am giving up on top 1 to 3

8th position last week and this week 🤦

A big thank you to you @abh12345 and to all the sponsors of the engagement league, we say thank you for yo consistent encouragement ...
Congratulations to my fellow top 1oners
@hopestylist, @quduus1, @tengolotodo, @littlebee4, @jfang003, @malos10, @ifarmgirl, @nkemakonam89, @princessbusayo, and @brittandjosie.

it's been a beautiful and lovely journey together with you guys, we have done last week and i hope we do it again this week, lets keep the engaging spirit alive and to my friend @mypathtofire i hope to see you up there this week...

special congratulations to @merit.ahama and @burlarj @princessbusayo for making us proud last week.. i hope to see you in the top ten spot sooner than later ....

hurrrraaaaaayyyyyyyy, we made it again...

hip hip hip!! hurraay🤩 thanks my man

heheeeh see you with a crown next week move upward 11 more and you have 33 my man and then you hit top 20.. congo eagle

Indeed it has been a beautiful journey with all of us working together, hehe. I'm so happy we are improving, thank you so much and congratulations to you too Foxy, you were awesome last week and I hope you keep up the good work 😊❤️.

Heheheh 🤣😂🤣 lolz 😂🤣 I will try my best, it wasn't easy but I will keep on doing my best, we need to keep this going, I have something to share with you...
Dm me on WhatsApp later on

Yes dear, it's not easy at all but like I said the fun is our driving force, hehe.

Oh, okay dear, I hope I don't forget to 😏

Heheheh you need to be reviewed lolz 😂🤣🤣, yeah let's keep the fun going lol 🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha, lolz. Yes jhur, let's keep having fun, hehe

Heheh we are up for it, go engagement 👌

Many thanks fox and congratulations on your second position ☺️😉

Yeah thank you dear 😘

Thank you so much 😊🥳 congratulations to you too!
Well done, up to the next week 👋🏻😎

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Yes dear see you next week

Definitely… will be there 😉😎

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Aye aye💯💯🎉🎉🎉..

Great win!
Congratulations @quduus1
it is just a stepping stone

ohhhh yeah my friend thank you for the warm wishes i hope to you at the top of the board soon, cheers brother lets meet at the top this week

Wonderful! You are just too good abeg, I'm rooting for you to be on the top one next week, but hey, I'm not going down without some fun, hehe.

Hehehe 🤣🤣 lolz 😂🤣🤣 I am going to do my best because we are virtually moving together but your foundation is what is preceding you my dear, I am okay with top 2 for now, let's see how it goes dear heheh 🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha, you are right, I've been in it longer but I know you can pass me sha, let's just see how it goes, hehe.

Hmmmm ohhhh stop saying all this, do you want to allow me pass you???

Noo, so let me stay in my second for now please oh..

Hahaha, I don't mind you passing me but just know it's not going to be easy, hehehe.

Yeah, great win indeed, @quduus1 is doing a really great job 😊❤️.

Heheh you are not doing bad either m dear...

Yeah I know but like I said you remind me of me, lolz.

Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣 Lol 😂😂 you sure do have a way with words lolz 😂🤣

Hahaha, that's really nice of you to say 😏

Hehehe 🤣🤣 bad Hope lolz 😂🤣 Weldon

I think this was the first time that I've ever made it into the first tier of the chart. Top 20!

Congrats on to the top 10 and everyone else who made the list.

ohhh you have done great my friend, don't relent and keep on engaging sooner than later, we will meet at the top with our glasses clinking...

Haha see you there 👍 🥂

yeah cheeers

You're absolutely right Foxy, I'm sure he will go up the ladder by next week 😊❤️

Heheh yeah and I want him to because he is here already and that is a mile stone

Smiles, I'm sure he will, we just have to keep pushing him, hehe.

Yeah we need to keep on pushing every one and sooner or later we will be known for that lol 🤣...

Yes, that's a good idea, we should that

Awwn, congratulations to you Leak, I'm sure you will do a really good job next, all the best 😊 and thank you too ❤️.

Congratulations @leaky20 🥳😎 well done!

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Thanks. You as well 👍

You are welcome 😊👋🏻 Thank you so much 😎

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Congratulations to everyone that took part

Thank you so much @temi-tee 🥰, I hope to see you on the list 😊

You are welcome buddy. I hope so too

Smiles, I know you can, you just have to say you will, hehe.

Alrit I will God's Grace

I'm rooting for you then 😊

Alright buddy 👍

Okay, this time around I found myself on the 80th spot. Not bad, at least I made to the top 100 for the second time in a roll😄

See you at the top one day @nkemakonam89

Of course Max that's a very good improvement and I'm positive you will go higher next week 🥰, are you ready? I don't mind checking on you, hehe

Hehe, I don't know if I'm ready or not. I just love interacting with people here. I would love to be there if I have the time but you know, things change😄

Hehehe, it's fine I understand, let's just go bit by bit 😁

Hey bro 😀

80th spot not bad😂
Let's roll to the topest top one day 😂👍

Hehe, not sure I will be with you there for now. Perhaps next year.

It's okay ☺️👍

Congratulations to everyone for the great engagement!

Awwn, thank you so sir Steve, congratulations to you too, you are doing a really good job 🤗🎊.

Thank you. Have a great week!

You're welcome Sir, I will you too ❤️.

Thanks my friend
Let the engagement continue 🥳👌👍

woot! i made it again to the list of engagers, spot 44 this week... that is a big progress thanks @abh12345 and @bengy for the special number prize

Yes of course daddy, you are part of the gang, hehe. But I hope you do a lot better this week and I trust you will since the season is over 😊.

Congratulations once again daddy 😘❤️

yea a little bit more free, let see what this week has for me, thanks my baby girl🤩

That's good to know, no problem, I will be here rooting for you, hehe.

You are coming closer burl ☺️
See you at the top soon

thanks nkem💖

Hehehe! Congratulations @hopestylist @quduus1 @tengolotodo and others. Hive is always interesting and you guys are doing great being active on the platform. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

hehehhe yeah my dear and it wasnt easy my dear but the fun keeps us going congrats to u tooo my dear..

Yeah, it was just so much fun that we forgot the stress, hehehe.

Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣 lolz 😂🤣 I no forget the stress oh, but it's fun my dear

Yes dear, let's focus more on the fun, hehehe.

Okay we will do and we will see the reward lolz 😂

Awwn, thank you so much dear, congratulations to you too, top 9 woooott 🥳🥳

Hi princess 💕
It's time for us to displace this people from that sit 🪑💺

What do you think 🤔😂

Woahoo, congratulations to me and everyone on the list, we all made hive very buzzy and it was super fun visiting everyone that I visited, your replies were fun and I hope this week be a lot better, hehe. @quduus1 I'm seeing you hit the first spot, are you up for the challenge? Hehehe, I know you can do it 🥰.

Daddy @burlarj I'm super proud of you, despite the tight schedule you still make 10 moves upwards, I'm sending you a virtual hug 🤗.

@princessbusayo and @merit.ahama congratulations on getting a lucky number and you too daddy 🥰.

Thank you so much @abh12345 for the power up, I'm really grateful, you are just really so so amazing, God bless you for all of us, especially for me, hehe.

My appreciation to the @ecency team too, the points are really very helpful to us 🥰🙏.

You all have a buzzy week and I wish you all a happy Hive powerup day in advance, hehe.

heheheeh lolz, not wen u re still awake my dear, i will chill in my second spot for now but dont sleep on it i am unto you lolz..
congratulations to us
the dream we set is coming tru do you know hope???
merit busayo nkem me you burlarj ...

Hahaha, that's right but hey, I'm still going to get my sleep, very important, hehe.

Yes Buddy, the dream is coming to pass, I'm very sure we will be achieving it very soon and then we dream another dream, hehehe.

Heheh 🤣🤣🤣 lolz 😂🤣🤣 yeah I am still going to sleep too but we need to be the source of motivator to other newbies...

We need to make people love engagement

Hahaha, of course, I have my ways, I will surely give them my time, hehe.

Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣 lolz 😂🤣🤣 you are good at that and I need to learn from you

Thank you so much for your sweet words Foxy, you are doing really well too 😘

Congrats and thanks my love 🥰

big hug for you too hun, you are making me proud of you🤗🤗💖

Smiles and I hope to keep making you proud of me ❤️

This is awesome and good to see this too, I will definitely be looking forward to having myself too on that list very soon, congratulations to everyone who made it to the top

I've added you to my list, welcome :)

I forgot that I was on the master list, but I'm happy to know I still am! Congratulations to y'all! I've been doing pretty good with my engagements, though I've definitely got to up my game, that is for sure! 😁🙏💚

Great to see you here @tydynrain 😊 congratulations to you too 🥳😁 keep going and have fun engaging 👋🏻😎

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Thanks much, @littlebee4! It's always great seeing you like a busy little bee all over the place! Onward and upward, together! 😁🙏💚⚡💥🔥👣🌱

You are welcome @tydynrain 😊😎
Having loads of fun… thank you my friend.
Indeed onwards and upwards, together… let’s make it magical. 🌺🥰

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