Crypto Might Be The Last Lifeline Humanity Can Have Before it Completely Drowns into a Totalitarian Draconian State

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It's over a year since the world has changed dramatically, although we're still the same, we're living in constant fear, restrictions, threat and humanity is moving gradually towards a totalitarian control. Hope I'm wrong on the last one. Covid-19 which is probably a laboratory created virus has become the god and devil of this planet and of the life we live on this beautiful planet.

The changes that are to be felt by all of us around the world are ranging from stolen fundamental freedom rights to job losses, a weakened economy and all sort of abuses by authorities against us. It's all part of a plan, one that has totalitarian control engraved on its looks.

This pandemic hasn't hit us by mistake, and probably many of you have already realized it. It's well designed, it has an agenda behind it, one that was actually advertised by influent celebrities such as Bill Gates many years ago, and the end of it is clearly settled. What am I talking about here?

The aftermath is quite simple. First you establish the pandemic, so you can have a catalyst for making laws and orders meant to steal our freedom rights, then you come up with a so called savior vaccine, that it's more harmful than beneficial to human health. After the majority of the world population has taken the jab you mandate passports that would allow vaccinated persons to be able to travel and have access to certain location only if they have the proof of vaccines at hand.

That passport will probably be electronic and it will have your name and an identification number and the flag proving that you've been vaccinated. Lots of people all around the world will for sure take the vaccine just for the sake of getting to a holiday, as dumb as it may sound, little do they know though that a mere vaccination passport is going to lead to tightening restrictions and fundamental freedoms being stolen forever. There's no coming back once the world will accept such vaccines as mandatory and their digital proof.


Soon after almost everyone got used with being scanned and needing to provide proof of vaccination to access all sort of locations all over the world, we're gonna have CBDCs. Yep, the ultimate tool of financial control that governments can have over the citizens of the world are their own issued shitcoins. There are so many crypto outlets seeing those CBDCs as of bon augur and I honestly don't get it why. CBDCs ARE NOT CRYPTO.

Let that be clear. CBDCs ENSLAVE, WHILE CRYPTO EMPOWERS. Once all of us, or almost all of us will accept the use of CBDCs on a large scale, such currencies being for sure way easier to spend than regular cash, will be used in the beginning with the help of an app that would play the role of the wallet with the use of which one could spend them around, followed by an implanted microchip. China will have its first CBDC and the rest of the world will follow, same as in the case of the pandemic.

Look at China now and you'll see it's not about the virus. It's about keeping people under constant fear and under full control. Once you have CBDCs as the only currency used to buy and sell anything on this planet there's no escape out of this system, except of permanently leaving it and start a life somewhere out in the woods where money has no use.

When you have a currency that's issued by governments, controlled by the governments, easy to track and the only one accepted in the last stores to survive, after this so called great reset, you know you can't have any escape out of this totalitarian system. NONE. The only option left that actually empowers people and doesn't enslave them is crypto. As fanatic as it may sound, crypto might be the last lifeline humanity can have before it completely drowns into a totalitarian draconian state.

Crypto belongs to the people, it's mined by the people, can be privately owned and transferred all over the world with no ID requirements and there's no control of any central authority over anyone's funds, and once we will be able to actually spend crypto around and more merchants will accept it we can say we have a chance against this tyrannical system. Once we will be able to completely live in a crypto economy we can call ourselves free.

Until then we're on a spiral down to a world wide prison, where anything related to what we once called freedom is just a long abolished sweet reality. The reason why governments are rushing towards creating their own CBDCs and trying to regulate crypto is because they feel like they're loosing control. Crypto is empowering its users, CBDCs are empowering totalitarian governments.

It's all part of a plan. The virus, vaccines, digital passports and CBDCs. The more we accept them the more we accept a future totalitarian system that will be hard to escape from. Call me a fool, but these dots connect to good to not be part of a roadmap. Next time you think of getting the vaccine so you can have a passport and travel to whatever destination, think again.

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I think the scenario will be like that:
CBDC Will be with low fees and no taxes
People will sell their crypto and buy CBDC then the equation will be changed and they will apply taxes and do their stats to know Who and how much are you holding ...

I will not Enter, I do not trust governments

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CBDCs are governmental crap.

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Very good article, except one point.
You did not define CBDC and I want to link this to my non-crypto friends. It can only mean CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY correct?

Exactly. Sorry about that.

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We will be forced to use CBDC, the question is: will we be able to buy crypto with CBDC?

I don't trust the USA, China, and the EU.

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But you trust others?
Even a relatively benevolent government, (If there still are any left) is beholden in some way to the big 3 listed above.

Why do we have to be forced?

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They make the laws :/

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If no one accepts the law there's no power in that law anymore.

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A pretty accurate depiction, matey!
Good post.

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