"Despicable". You First Have To Destroy To Build Back Better

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I am simply dazzled to see how compliant humanity can be in front of one of the world's probably most obvious and draconian "freedom and fundamental rights" robbery. The robbers are now the legislators and the ones supposed to protect us from the real robbers.

It all started with "two weeks". You'll have to spend two weeks at home not being allowed to go much outside or live a normal life and we'll get back to normal. That was the test that humanity failed, and from there on the plan just rolled like a snowball.

Almost all around the world, every damn business now has to enforce that vaccine mandate, where a company should "ilegally ask for one's proof of vaccination" in order to allow he/she to enter the facility. Not everyone seems to be complying though, as the Swansea cinema in UK.

The United Kingdom is probably the worst example in dealing with this pandemic. It has proved to have sharp and threatening totalitarian teeth. Now, as shared by Richard Taylor on twitter, the authorities have closed the cinema for 28 days for not respecting the so called vaccine mandate.


I'm asking now, first of all, how can you impose a vaccine mandate on an experimental vaccine? How can anyone mandate anything on my own body???

It's not much about health in here, as authorities don't give a shit about our health, it's about that new world order they have in plans for years, about building back better, after they destroyed what was already good and about totalitarian control.

These measures are mostly after the small businesses. Supermarkets that quite often don't pay the taxes they should aren't allowed to ask for such mandate, you have to buy yourself food somehow, but you don't really "need to go to cinema", or to a small restaurant...

Hence, the unvaccinated will either avoid these small businesses or look for the ones that are not falling for these draconian measures. It is all part of a greater plan. One that would crush small businesses, that would globalize and standardize all the remaining ones.

Meanwhile we're being lured with metaverses and all sort of gadgets. Distracted with Netflix and whatever, just to no pay attention to what's really going on. Build back better means that they have to destroy first and that's what they're doing. They first took small shops down by creating supermarkets.

Now further destroying businesses with online shopping while getting after what's left, with the excuse of protecting us from a damn virus. In case you haven't noticed yet, they seem to be in a destroying spree, before they actually build back better. It's so obvious...

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#Science lol, all it takes to see how ineffective this has been is to look at the International results.

When people push back it will end and not until then.

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We have learned quite a bit about human nature throughout the past two years, that's for sure.

The fiat financial system had to reset one way or another - it's up to individuals to decide if they'll transition into CBDCs or cryptocurrencies - and we can do our best to guide them.

It's going to get interesting.

It looks like individuals prefer to get forced into change instead of opting by themselves.

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