Norway was so proud about not cutting their forests down, some five years ago, despite being a big wood consumer, when actually importing it from Sweden. And where does Sweden has it? Romania... I saw that with my own eyes, constructions wood that was sold in Norway was actually imported from Romania.

I really laughed reading this. This is so funny, I guess this is the life we live in.

Yes, this is the Norwegian hypocrisy.

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Nice post and thoughts about the ecological hypocrisy.
Reminds me of another example with lithium and rare earth.
Huge protests in Canada to not open a mine with the latest ecological and safety measures. Too much political pressure and therefore the mine did not open. Result ? Still importing rare earth from China or Africa where almost no ecology and safety measures are taken. (Because even activists have to have their iPhone/electric bike …)

We have a few weeks to dance 🕺 and celebrate ATHs before thinking about the worse

I say this cycle is different.

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