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RE: William Shatner Gives Legitimacy To NFTs

NOw if the WAX team would limit sales instead of allowing the whales to buy up 1000s of packs at a time giving others a chance to buy some. I was able to get 2 regular packs this time. I told Arielle at the WAX team they should not only limit the amount of packs per transaction but they should also put a 10 or 15 20 minute block on each IP address after the first transaction is made. And if there are still some packs left after than 10 15 20 minutes is up, then and ONLY then would they be allowed to purchase more. Allowing one person to buy 3000 of 7000 packs is pretty much insider trading without them being on the inside. But then again who knows, they might all be friends.


Sadly, blockchain cannot stop backroom deals and other under handed tactics people use.

In a case like that, those behind the project need to push to have as many people involved by implementing limits as you suggested.

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Very True. And so far the Wax Team has been super amazing. Extremely friendly and I love being part of their telegram group. I found out about it because of an email I received about William Shatner cards coming out and on the email the release date was Aug 28th, day before my birthday. Even though they came out July not August. I had missed the GPK s1 but someone from Wax sent me 1 GPK and 150 WAXP in my Wax Cloud wallet. I overslept by 30 minutes for the GPKTK release so my money was refunded in minutes. But for Shatner I was up and waiting. In fact when I was placing my other I could see others saying the page was freezing for them. Unfortunately this girl that owed me money didnt pay me in time and my paypal card isnt working so I only had enough to buy 2 regular packs. Ended up buying some WAXP on KuCoin then moving it and bought another pack from the secondary market and some shards. One of my cards combined to a Shimmer card so that was exciting. Other 3 regular cards but fairly low mint #. Under 200. Not low but not high. Might go get some more shards since BTC is up. More for my money. :D

So is this platform changing names again or just the mobile one? It feels like this is the second time Ive seen a name change here, well third different name. Unless Im thinking of another platform that changed its name recently and this one is the first time. Ive been signing up with a lot of these blockchain social media platforms. SPending more time on them than I ever did facebook twitter and even myspace. Im 44 so I was in my late 20s when myspace was out, Myspace and NewGrounds and mIRC LOL