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RE: Decentralized Finance Is The Future

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The DeFi cat is out of the bag and there's no going back! fun part is the majority of the planet have no idea what they're in for.

I think one of the most powerful aspects of DeFi that many aren't talking about nearly enough is composability. I know Khal has mentioned this occasionally alongside the development of LEO ecosystem, the guy in on his game.

Composability (service oriented software architecture) is truly revolutionary in that people are now building protocols designed to be used alongside other protocols. Next-generation financial products are being built with the ability to share value and functionality, while eliminated need for 3rd party intermediaries. A thing of beauty.

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That is true. The thing about composability is that it increases the velocity of things. This is from a computer/IT standpoint but it applies to innovations. When you have a pool of resources that are not workload specific, many things can quickly be built on top of it to provide what is needed.

In the financial arena, who knows what this will all develop into. The key is the infrastructure will be available (or quickly can be generated) to meet the needs of any community. Quick spinning out of products as needs are identified will radically change things.

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