The power of powering up to the price of hives layer one power house.

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I am perplexed today. The price volatility is by my opinion based on today the first day of August and would mean powering up hive to HP will result in getting recognized for your supposed self serving benefit.

Let me be clear here I am not say you shouldn't do it and nor should you go and start telling people to stop promoting your action to everyone you know within the confines of your tribe/group that you have done it.

I am just thinking of the action that I will do. I want to be really clear that powering up is something you will get to give the vote for people you like with their posts. Content creation rewards depends on your power when you vote for them.

Taking it back to me. I do power up. In the low. In the normalcy of every day whims that I feel I am wanting to power up. Getting the large clout to walk around with the self gratification of what it means to get influence within hive.

I like how my power is growing and getting badges are a thing for me. You can see it in my previous post about gamification of my little world in hive. I think it helps me keep track of my progress but I am not sure I like posting about me powering up. I will have to take a step back and stay away from posting about it. In fact I will make a point to not power up. Now ladies and gents I will get myself powered up sometime in the not too distant future but I think I will give myself the time to just watch everyone else get on the parade and show their increase in clout.

I say sincerely good on you for growing your influence here. Let your stake allow you the power to influence our platform. Our company. Our hive.

This is your day, you power growing hiver you.


Back to my thought on the volatility. At the time of writing this I have been watching the volume slow creep higher for the day. I think it is not over yet. I think within the next four hours there will be more high moves between highs and lows.


yea, maybe some are taking some advantage of the power up day.. like jacking the price of HIVE up just before.. we'll see, if it falls back down soon..


For sure people have made gains in the last 24 hours. Did you manage to get HBD when hive price was up?

I bought HIVE with all my HBD when HIVE fill to .50


No, not this time, I am just observing, learning.

😎👍 all good.

I will buy HBD again when HIVE goes $1+

More HP more power 😎

Flower power.

I just powered up :D :D Good luck on your future power up then :D

Thanks you too!

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Wow, two badges in a row. Congrats @akumagai

Heh, I am in the zone lately so hoping my motivation keeps up with my badge collection goal.