my 5-year Jive too 100K HP - UPDATE

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gm lions!

Quick update on #MyHiveGoals...

This is my 5 year journey to 100k HP

Fell behind a little bit on the number of posts as well as the rewards from upvotes this week, but that's ok.

I'm out of town visiting friends and family right now, and will probably pick up my game as soon as I get back home.

Also, as I said in my previous post, My control spreadsheet has a column with the amount of HIVE I have to buy from the market to stay on track.

5 year Jive to 100k HP control spreadsheet.png

Right now it's at 9 HIVE per day, and since I haven't made a whole lot of posts, and the posts I did make weren't very successful for some reason🤷‍♂️ Except from my #openmic entry, that one did quite well.

Alex Rourke posts on HIVE this week.png

I went ahead and bought 234 HIVE from the market and I'm not back on track:

DateHP GoalActual number
26 Sep '2220,81620,816.005
31 Dec '2225,712---
31 Dec '2344,327---
4 Apr '2450,000---
31 Dec '2462,993---
31 Dec '2581,608---
31 Dec '26100,223---

Alex Rourke 5year Jive update.png

My curation APR % has increased to 4.78% from lasts week's 3.18% so a win on this front.

curation APR for Alex Rourke.png

And my earnings chart has a slight improvement from the 0.5 HIVE per day from curation:

earnings on HIVE.png

This 5 year Jive to 100K HP was inspired by @jongolson and his #MyHiveGoals posts. Jon is a living example that you can make it on HIVE if you're willing to show up every day and put in the work.

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It is a constant linear graph, it is very dedicated what you do to obtain that amount of HP, you have clear objectives!


It's an average of 51 HP per day from all activities: posts, comments, curation, delegation, purchases from the open market.

Very doable and so far we're on track.

I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

That is a pretty decent target! I am quite in the same position. I should stick my goal like that too! Great plan

Yeah, I think it's very reasonable if I stay consistent with an average of 51HP per day with the safety net of being able to buy HIVE at these very low prices. 1 year down the line, I probably won't have to worry too much about buying $HIVE because if things go according to plan, I should be earning that from content, curation and delegation. Let's see how it goes.

Great achievement so far and a very ambitious goal! Fingers crossed you make it happen! 🤞🏻💯

Hey there!

Yes, 100,000 Hive Power is a pretty hefty goal, but I have a loooong timeline: 1575 days to make it happen.

I only really check my weekly goals, status and adjust my daily actions accordingly.

I made my latest update for HPUD

HPUD and my 5 year jive to 100k HIVE update

Still on track!! :)

That’s a great strategy. Will follow your progress.

Thank you!

Yeah, I think it'll keep me on track this year and hopefully I'll be able to build a little more momentum to stay on track until Dec 2026.

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