#AskLeo - what is your plan with crypto?

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today, after two very intense days, where we had some CUB action, let's relax today and get to a #askleo topic.#askleo was brought to live by @acesontop, so please give him a follow and some votes as he has real good content.

Today, I want to ask you, what is your plan with crypto? This question might sound easy, but it is not, if you really think about it. Most h
So, what is your plan with crypto?umans don't have a plan, as they are riding the wave.

So, what is your plan with crypto? Do you want to buy a lambo or a Tesla, a home in Florida, or want to be a millionaire?

Do you follow a plan, or do you let it flow?

Or are an idealist and want to change the world?

Like in most cases, I will answer first. I won't want to buy a Tesla or a lambo with crypto. Why? Well, why do it if I can do something better with it. I'm a car fanatic, don't get me wrong, but I would not want to burn crypto for a car.

Do I want to become a millionaire? Yes, why not? Money in huge amounts is good, especially as it is buying freedom. Freedom of choice.

My plan with crypto is to have freedom. Freedom to chose when to work, and if to work. It must not be the million.

I plan to grow crypto to a level, where it can work for me. Earn me a passive income, so that tokens are coming in my wallet, no matter if I sleep, travel or have fun. This is freedom and this can crypt offer us.

I'm bullish on passive long term investments like the @lbi-token, LEO+family of tokens, and all the other great projects around.

This project can have an exponential growth and with the dividend payment, it can provide what I plan to.

What is your plan with crypto?

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It was obvious to me back in 2010 that this new thing called "cryptocurrency" spearhead by Bitcoin, would eventually supplant Fiat.

Not everyone around me shared that opinion, in fact no one did. But these were the same people who scoffed at me when I was:

  • The first person in the neighborhood to make an online purchase (Amazon)
  • The first person here willing to upgrade to a broadband connection (word spread about the speed, then not believing it, they all wanted to come over and see for themselves)
  • The first one here to see the utility of crypto and got 5 free Bitcoin from the first faucet.

So I no longer listen to the naysayers or try to waste too much time with people who have no vision for the future. As far as I'm concerned, it's full speed ahead! :)

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My plan:
Short term goal: Getting my portfolio to between $3k-$10k
Long term plan: become a developer --a blockchain developer

This is the most simplistic way I can put my goal. I don't care about making millions. If I have enough to actualize my dreams then I am good. I don't need millions to achieve that.

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If I have enough to actualize my dreams then I am good. I don't need millions to achieve that.

It is good to read something like this.
Almost everyone wants to be a millionaire in this comment section.

I am similar to you. I also do not need millions to achieve my goals, and be happy.
In fact, I would be happy for a few hundred dollars per month income with cryptocurrencies. Something (anything) between $200 USD and $1000 USD per month would be very nice. At least nowadays with the current buying power of the USD.

Nowadays I am lucky if I can earn that amount in a year with cryptocurrencies.

So far as I can remember you are living in Hungary, would $200 be enough for a living?

I also prefer a constant stream of cashflow to a single lifetime bonus.

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So far as I can remember you are living in Hungary, would $200 be enough for a living?

If you are living in the countryside (preferably in a village), and if you live a very simple, basic life, then yes, approximately $200 USD is enough for a living.

I am currently living on a pension-like income, which is currently about $248.35 USD per month, and currently I am working in a part-time (4 hours a day) job, which gives about $200 USD per month.

I can save some money, but I still could not live in most of the cities in the country, because the rents are expensive there. But I do not even want to live in a city, so this is not a problem for me.

That is true, countryside is real cheap. I know the Békés megye quite well and the cost of living is very low, and it can't compare to Budapest or even Szeged.
Respect how you manage, even if it is cheaper!

Hope that the pension is not coming because of bad happenings in your life.

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Hope that the pension is not coming because of bad happenings in your life.

I was born (and live for the rest of my current earthly life) with multiple disabilities, but do not worry. I got used to it. I learned to live with it. I live a complete and happy life.

Real nice to see you split in both.

I know what you are doing for the short term goal, as I see you daily. What about on the long term goal? Are you working daily on it?

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Well, my long-term goals has taken the back seat for now. I'm trying to sort out my financial or I can focus on my long-term goals. A step at a step

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This is true, but work also daily, even 10 minutes on your long term goal.

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sure, i will put that into considerate. My friend just got a job and he has to use my laptop for now. He should get his next month, so I can go back to coding. Learning touch typing to enable me to type fasting and more accurately

Starting in 2016, I have invested less than US$40K and got back my money and more in 2017.

I am diversified (> 30 cryptos) and currently the total value is over US$750K.

This year, I will wait until it goes over US$1M, and then I will reimburse a CAD$250K loan, and also distribute some money to my children and my grandchildren.

As me and my wife are fully retired, we will be able to travel when the COVID restrictions are lifted.

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You have an amazing history which shows how a good investment on a 5 years span can make.

Will be happy to meet you again, either in Germany, France or maybe in Budapest (which I love as a city).

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I would spend a few $$$ restoring old classics before I buy a Lambo.

Much like you, I want to use my crypto for financial freedom.

I'm gonna build a big friggin castle to park all my classic cars in front of -
I figure the dungeon will be a nice cool place to plug in a few servers while I'm at it.

THen I can sit and learn and write code instead of making someone else rich for once LOL

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I hope you cover them, as weather is unforgiven, especially on the classic beauties.

Love your plan!

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We have kind of similar expectations from crypto as freedom is the main thing I want to buy with it as well. My goal with it is to integrate it in my life as much as possible, generate multiple revenue streams, passive income as well, use it all over as I'm not a fan of endless piling and of course ride each cycle on better and better profits. Earning me free time and long sleeping hours without the need of a boss and working hours is the main goal. Much of that it's gonna be solved by Hive and Leofinance. I don't regret a second spent in here throughout the whole bear market. The interesting thing is that I joined Hive in February 2018 when all the fun was almost over ant I had 0 connections. Now everything is simpler and more wealth generating. Well, not really wealth, but you know what I mean. My plan with crypto is to really make it part of my life and not just a gamble, or a one time show.

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good question.... i see it as a computer game....although I live for passive income and that buys me artistic freedom....

I would like to get to $10 Million so I could live off the interest, retire early. I think this is possible buying Bitcoin on the dips.

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I want to evolve from the state of slavery most of us generally call life in the current society. Hopefully crypto will be a solid pylon for a different foundation.

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came for the revolution, stayed to become a millionaire. And like you said it doesn't have to be a million, but just enough that I can chose what to do with my time and what to work on.

I hodl every crypto I get, but the sad truth is that I need a 100x to become financially independent, not just a 10x

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