Let's Talk about Polygon Blockchain, Known as an alternative to Ethereum Chain

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Hello Everyone,

I am good and I hope that you are doing well. This video is about polygon blockchain. Currently, this is a leading blockchain technology network that is capable of running applications on a scale and it is also known as an alternative to the ethereum blockchain.

This chain got more attention when there was an issue with the transaction fee on the ethereum blockchain so it was promoted as an alternative for the projects built on ethereum and the transaction fee was minimal. Even now the transaction fee is very low which hardly you will notice and this is something we always need on any chain because it does not make sense to pay a higher amount just for the transaction cost.

Today in this video I have tried to explain more about this blockchain network and how it works. There is a lot that is worth knowing I believe and since the chain is getting more attention so I expect in the coming years we will see many more projects getting deployed through this blockchain network.

I hope you like this video and that the information I have provided is helpful for you.

Thank you so much for your time

Have a great day

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The issues of transaction fee on Ethereum network will make a lot of people runaway from it and move to other blockchains like that of Polygon

Or new mainstream users may just start on a platform like MultiversX, NEAR, or Avalanche that scale on-chain. Switching between L1 and L2 isn't easy for non-technical users.

what you said is right.. we have many chains running these days

transaction fee is definitely one of the reason for polygon growth..

There are already several projects on Polygon, the one I currently like is the sports car game REVV RACING. !CTP

you are right that there are many projects.. Its a good chain.

Polygon is nice the fee cheaper and i actually have 1 crypto project on polygon called NFT champions x.x. I think you did a good coverage on polygon

Indeed this is a good chain for the cheap fee and this should be the ideal scenario across the chains.
I don't know about NFT champions so share more about it. I want to know.
Glad you like the vlog.

Oh It's kind of like pokemon. I don't know lol the project not good at updating community but game looks nice so i hope that's enough

Thanks for sharing this. I will try to check for more.

No problem but I just give you my experience lol and i was scared about this project rugpull but seems like ok now cuz they shooting out videos and stuff and beta soon. you can check out more yourself ~

Nice to learn something new. Thank you
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Now and days blockchain Technology network growing very fast. It is a competition era and as you said that there are very less network that provide low transaction fees, so it can be said that with smooth service there are some more factor that make more impact over the network to drag the attention of the people.

The only thing I hate about Ethereum is the gas fees and you know the healthy competition is good for the industry so that a quality project can be built it is overall beneficial for the users. Thank you so much for bringing this knowledgeable session regarding the polygon blockchain project.

You have explained very well about polygon blockchain today. And I also think, one day everyone is going to be using the Polygon blockchain. And on top of this the transaction fees are also very less. This latter makes it better than other blockchains.

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