Result $5.25 Bounty Hunter Tournament Mar 3th 56/595 +$16.87

in LeoFinancelast month (edited)

Bad Beat

2021-03-03_10 09_AM_300_600_#TM554104983.png
unlucky had little chance from the start after they flopped a house only one of 2 hands could beat me other being A high spade flush and me with a K high flush

Best Hand

2021-03-03_09 48_AM_200_400_#TM554104633.png

3 way flop and i managed to come out on top being behind from the start with J8 suited (17.65%) vs AK offsuit(37.59% and QQ (44.77%)

Last Hand

2021-03-03_11 28_AM_1,750_3,500_#TM554274735.png

Huge loss here in a hand i shouldn't have stayed in after the turn came up nothing should have layed down my flush draw and would have only lost half my stack

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