Hive Is Soaring And It Could Be Just The Beginning

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Since its 16k usd floor BTC made an impressive comeback to 24k, ETH jumped 70% from 1k to 1.7k and Hive is establishing its presence and can break back to the top 100 crypto currencies

Hive showed remarkable progress in the last two years both technologicly and community wise. The state of mind of # "We Win Together" is paying off and clearly visible.
The weakness of Facebook and Instagram opens the path to platforms like Hive and these days the slow growth might be the right strategy especialy for a paying-to-members-platform.

I am known for being suspicious of pumps and seeing the dumps. But this looks like a well based move.
Time will tell :)


Sure, really looks like a well base move.
Can't wait to see where it gets.

While they say prophecy is for the fools, let me act foolish and say that the jump might get to 5usd and correct and settle on 3usd.

Es una alegría en esta plataforma ver que La Moneda está en alza es una verdadera bendición empezar el mes de esta manera.

It is a joy on this platform to see that La Moneda is on the rise, it is a true blessing to start the month this way.

Hive is unique as crypto since most holders of Hive are deeply engaged in the network. So pumps, like this one, are relatively weak, and the dump is also relatively weak. We're sliding back to $0.50, but the good news is that Hive holds consistent value. I hope your long term predictions are correct!

In the long term we are always right. Just depends on how long is the term ;)