Tick Tock 70+ Chests Incoming

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So on average I been getting 10-13 chests per day, excluding that one day I peaked at 17 and the other day where I got none due to a devastating hangover.


And today, with less than 12 hours to go, the plan is to go all out capture rate be dammed until I get at least 20 chests for today and triple the amount I usually get per season(26).

Shouldn't be too hard though, already got 13 chests for today and 73 for the season. Rents stacked up and ready to go, we shall wait and see.



How about you though, how you been faring in this new reward age, what are your thoughts so far and how many GFL do you anticipate post season?


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Sitting on 61 at the moment in champion 2.

Would be 100 under the old system but so far they are a lot better than the old chests even if i am getting a lot less of them every day.

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It's a common theme I been reading, those in top tier leagues getting less but more in quality. For the rest of us it's more everything tho I'm sure the quality nowhere near as yours.

Still, probably gotta wait post season to know how much.