Yesterday & Season's Rewards Trailer...

in LeoFinance9 months ago

Good news bad news, yesterday I got a total of 100 chests. 21 from the daily focus and 79 from the Season's loot, the the sucker for round number in me just couldn't help it.

Anywho, couple of Epics, plenty Rares and some Goldies were gotten, and over 3k Crystals were mined during the season's loot. Sadly though, this is one of those you gotta take my word for it cases, your boy screenshots via phone and ain't nobody got time to screenshot 79 chests. Maybe when there's a GFL though. 😅

Anywho, the quality of the Rewards has vastly improved. Anywho, I console you with yesterday's Focus chests a pack earned in yesterday's Focus.




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