With the first look it is very insightful, plenty of information and sources everywhere.
If I did not have a very long day I would start reading now, but I have to rest my eyes a little bit :)
I suggest to buy it (but using the discount) - if you need more info about the disc let me know.
If you can wait a little longer, I believe it will be soon available by redeeming candies by coingecko.
It remains to be seen
If you need more info, dm me!

Thank you! I think I'll buy it 😊 I'll appreciate it if you tell me about discount

dm me on twitter or on discord :)

Can't find you on discord:( Probably I do something wrong:( I'm animal-shelter#1919 there. Sorry for this 😳

I have sent you a friend request .. katerinaramm#7862 is my discord, not sure how I can chat. Perhaps we are on a mutual server?