Ape Mining Club Statistics Update

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Ape Mining Club has been live for around 10 days now. Here's an update on how things are going.

16,168.726 liquid APE is held by APE token holders.
28,005 STEM has been used to Steal and Boost equipment.

2,740 equipment has been purchased in game. This is broken down as follows:

EquipmentTotal Purchased

Based on this and equipment cost, the time to break-even on APE spent buying equipment.

EquipmentEquipment CostDays to break-even
EquipmentAPR %

Top Stealers

UsernameTimes StolenAmount Used to Steal (STEM)

Top Boosters

UsernameTimes BoostedAmount used to Boost (STEM)

Top STEM Spenders overall


Top Equipment Holders


Top Ape Holders


Pools continue to run on 50% emission, at some point in the future I will double the emissions for the equipment. I also plan to release Quantum mining equipment.

Hop on our Discord if you want to join the community.

    Never go full ape!

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So far I like the program. I do not have a lot of Hive or disposable income, but it is very nice that lack of funds does not prevent me from playing. I have I think 5 CPU's now goal is to get ten of them, then to move on to the next level and get 10 Clouds. I know with the funds I have it will take a long time, but if goals were easy they would be meaningless.



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Time to get some GPUs.

It's been fun blowing some STEM on boosting and thievery.

It doesn't seem that bad so far. I only bought a few APE but I am liking the daily payouts for just holding.

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Thanks for the update. I've been liking this club so far :)

Question: Can the equipment items be sold/transferred at this time? Or is it an option to be developed in the future?

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Can the equipment items be sold/transferred at this time? Or is it an option to be developed in the future?

No, once equipment is purchased it is locked into that pool and cannot be resold.

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Good one! Like this alot....simple but complex....!PIZZA

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Is it simple or complex?

well the principle is simple, and it is very idle....strategy I am not sure of...so complex! Good work though!

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I think going full ape should be a prerequisite to join the club :P

Awesome game i actually dont think i have played a game with this concept before! Its simple & profitable..

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Love being part of it!


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Seems like it really pays to buy the GPU ^^ Will be stacking!

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