Do you know which are the companies with the most btc in the world?

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Some companies publish news several times a month or even in the same week to illustrate the massive purchase of Bitcoin. Interestingly, according to data from Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, the major companies have not even explicitly inserted their businesses into the Bitcoin market. As shown below, you will see the companies with the most Bitcoin in the world.


Hong Kong's, also known as "B1", is the company with the most Bitcoin in the world. It is registered in the Cayman Islands and has 140,000 BTC. This figure is equivalent to more than 7 billion US dollars. This amount represents 0.667% of the total amount of 21 million Bitcoins that will be sold on the market.

Brendan Blumer, co-founder and CEO of, stated in December 2020 that the company has stored 140,000 BTC, indicating that it has not sold anything since. The fact that they sneaked up on her last year shows that they prefer her. On the other hand, in terms of its funds in EOS, it exhibits different behaviors. A month ago, it announced the sale of 45 million EOS, about 210 million US dollars.



MicroStrategy has a total of 122,478 BTC, equivalent to US $ 6.12 billion, ranking behind The company originated in the United States and was established in 1989 to provide analytical data processing software. Its CEO, Michael Saylor, stands out in the crypto community because he is a great promoter of Bitcoin. He recommends using BTC to save, not US dollars or any other legal tender, especially in hyperinflationary countries like Venezuela.



Far behind the investment amount, Tesla is in 3rd place with a total stake of 42,902 BTC, equivalent to 2 billion US dollars. This number is less than 65% owned by MicroStrategy and represents 0.204% of the total supply.

In March of this year, Tesla allowed Bitcoin to buy its electric cars, which caused a sensation in the world, but two months later, it returned to the media when it suspended this payment method. Since then, Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that his support for Bitcoin has not changed. When Bitcoin mining reduces their power consumption, they will accept it again.

The Tezos Foundation

The Tezos Foundation

Along with, the Tezos Foundation is the second non-US company at No. 4 and is not publicly traded. He is from Switzerland and owns 17,500 BTC, or more than $ 852 million in cryptocurrencies, which represents 0.083% of the total supply of Bitcoin.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

Galaxy Digital Holdings

In 5th place is Galaxy Digital Holdings, with 16,400 BTC, calculated at the current exchange rate of 820 million US dollars, which represents 0.078% of the total supply of Bitcoin. The company is the only company on this list from the United States, and its business is directly dedicated to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

When Michael Novogratz announced in early 2021 that he would start his own Bitcoin mining at Galaxy Digital Holdings, he took a firmer stance on the matter. The head of the region, Amanda Fabiano (Amanda Fabiano) said that through her own mining, they have increased the strength of the industry, thus enhancing the strength of the Bitcoin network.

Now you know who controls the rise and fall of the price of Bitcoin


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