It means you should hold (or power up) your HIVE tokens because lower supply means basically higher price

Hmmm... Higher $ price or where is it higher?

It is only up to you in what currency you express the price, it may be USD, BTC, it doesn't matter.

In theory at least. Markets have a funny way of doing things though.

Long term, Hive is in a great position.

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In theory

Of course. It depends on many factors, supply is just one of them.

The conversion system helps maintain the HBD peg at $1.00 .

You should convert HBD to HIVE when the price of HBD is below $0.95 and you should convert HIVE to HBD when the prices of HBD is above $1.10; otherwise it is better to trade the currency on the marketplace.

The HBD to HIVE conversion reduces the HBD in circulation and the HIVE-HBD conversion increase it.