My HIVE investment goals - another one reached!

in #hive-16792225 days ago (edited)

I started to track my progress here click, and today I can cross another target off the list!



☑️ LEOMM: 10 / 10
☑️ LEO: 1000 / 1000
◻️ MPATH: 1620.776 / 2000
◻️ HP: 19883.814 / 20000
◻️ BRO: 30.50043754 / 1000
◻️ DHEDGE: 17.95075672 / 10000

Added DHEDGE to the mix. Accumulation phase should progress a lot faster now that LEO & LEOMM are out of the way and MPATH is already close to target!

What are your HIVE goals?

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Always great to hit some goals and have a mini celebration.

one of my goals before eoy is to be in the top 50 in @dcity

oh nice, good luck with that! :)

Thanks fir sharing... I think I have to set a target for LEO . I currently consider LEO a little and I feel that I am wrong... as for HIVE I would like to reach 5,000 HP