It isn't in leodex. They are in-game staked at

Use the game

Staking has to be done in-game if I'm not wrong.
You have to open the SPS management panel.

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Thanks @dalz @tarazkp @hykss

i am confused somewhat. I went to the SPS panel and claimed 4.7 SPS which were waiting for me to claim it seems. And i staked them.

I have But i have approx 430 SPS in leodex wallet which don't show through on the Splinterlands interface so i cant stake them.

I do however have 479 SPT airdrop points shown in Splinterlands, yet i have 15 liquid SPT and 1916 staked and delegated.

Perhaps there is a guide somewhere so i don't have to bother you with questions?

In SPS panel in the game, you choose TRANSFER

Then you choose TRANSFER IN from HIVE ENGINE, input the amount of SPS that you want to transfer in game, then it will be available in game for you to stake

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using HE (not sure about leodex) you can send the SPS to the game by sending it to


it will then appear as an in-game asset that you can stake if you choose.

Let me know if you need more info.