Decentralized Web Is the Real Play to Earn

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The game is your life and you're writing your own history by leaving the trace of your actions on the blockchain. Hive users will remain on the blockchain long after they're gone. This place is basically a modern-day history book that continues to grow thicker with each passing day. We are all creators of this book and most importantly, we're pioneers of a self-sustaining ecosystem where every user gets paid depending on their input.

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How to play and earn?

Read articles and leave your feedback in the comment section. Don't be a shallow bird and use sentences that are longer than two words and say more than - ''this post is amazing'' or ''you are right''. Put in some time and effort to produce something that will catch the attention of the reader and maybe even tickle some of their brain cells. Not only will it get you replies and spark up interesting conversations, you'll start gaining friends and followers pretty fast!

Feel the neurons doing their best to spark up new ideas? Me too!

How and what to create?

That is entirely up to you! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, you can talk about anything on the Hive blockchain. Whether you'll earn enough tokens is another topic but it depends on many other factors too such as being consistent and engaging with others. LeoFinance, for example, is more focused on financial topics, as one can guess from the name but if you want to browser other communities, PeakD is a great place to start.

Your story is in your hands/mind/spirit!

Where and how to promote?

At first, there's an internal promotion with tags. You have to enter 10 tags for your post to appear in more Hive topics/communities but make sure they fit. Don't add financial advice to a photography section unless it has something to do with selling your photos. If you're not sure which tags to use, check them out first and you'll see what kind of content is there. You can also see which tags other people are using at the bottom of every article.

Not only will using tags get you a bigger exposure but you may also earn other Hive tokens such as LEO, CTP, DEC, and more. Check out hive-engine tokens for yourself to see how many there are. Yeah, some are dead but that's natural when people give up their projects. Focus on the most active communities and dapps, and you'll be fine.

Promoting outside of Hive

After you've posted your Hive article, you can easily share it in other places. We'll start with ones that have dedicated LeoFinance / Hive channels:

After this, share your article on Twitter with Hive and other hashtags for better exposure. You can also share it in other places that I haven't mentioned here but you'll know better, these are the basics. I hope you'll find some of this stuff useful, especially if you just started out.

Thank you for reading and have a boost of energy!

You can do this!

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