Invest Your Time Learning About Other Projects

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If we look at how many cryptocurrencies there are, the number is astonishing! On CoinGecko there are more than 6000 different cryptos and that's not all because not every coin is listed there. Most of the Uniswap coins take time before they reach the volume high enough for Gecko to list the coin. If we look at the market cap on CoinGecko, the first 1044 coins have a market cap that's great than $1,000,000. Right now, ORO has taken this place (not suggesting this coin, though).

Why am I talking about this?

If you're spending time in the crypto-verse, you'll naturally learn about other projects from which some may even be promising. Just like most of the LeoFinance users found out about Thorchain and it's RUNE coin. It's a beautiful thing that many projects can join hands and work together promoting each other. We all know that working together is much more productive than doing things alone.

Once the word spreads out, things fly! I'm talking about coins that will multiply in price during the next-bull run that's already started. Many people will completely transform their lives thanks to smart investments while some may lose all their assets by making bad decisions and having a lack of research done.

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Like I said: if you want to multiply your assets, you must keep yourself informed. You must learn new things every day and read about the projects that you find interesting. Once you find your precious token, write about it, and inform others to spread the word! A few weeks back I bought Digital Reserve Currency and wrote an article here on Leo. Lucky for me, the price is still up and I'll definitely hodl the rest of my DRC for a long time. What's unique about it? It cannot be split into smaller parts than 1 DRC.

How am I finding my coins?

Some coins I find about here on Leo, RUNE (Thorchain), and AVA (Travala) as an example. Then I open Twitter and write a cash-tag of the crypto I was reading about. Cash-tag is when you put a dollar sign before the cryptos, $BTC or $WLEO as an example. When you search cash-tags on Twitter, you can easily find top posts about the specific cryptocurrency.

Other coins that I find are when I'm exploring either Astrotools, Dextools, or other places where you can check out the market. Then I open their web-pages, Twitter accounts, etherscan, and look at how things are going. If there's a Discord server, I will obviously check out how active it is. If the community is there and the project is moving forward with a real (not anonymous) team, then there's a possibility that the bull-run will bring profits.

The end note

I'm pretty new to this but I love the exploration part. There are many projects that I would love to invest in but as my assets are pretty limited, I have to go with a few lucky shots. If you want to find out which coins I own other than Leo and HIVE, check out my previous article here.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Sunday!


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Out of interest: How many different coins/tokens do you hold? Maybe exclude minor stakes, guess it would be too much else. But would be interesting to know.

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I wrote about all of them in this post if you want to take a look.

I don't have thousands of dollars invested but hopefully, my investments can go to thousands of dollars, hehe.

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Oh, interesting ^^ There are a bunch of coins I never heard of. Only one I hold myself is Rune. (And obv. Hive/Leo ^^)

I had a similar portfolio few years back, but I decreased the diversity because I was not able to track the projects progresses anymore. How are you keeping an overview?

It was hard to keep up when I had more than 10 different coins. Now it's easier. I use CoinGecko portfolio, Astrotools app for UNI coins, and for my etherscan deals.

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What is the ratio for you between the big ones i.e. ETH and BTC and the smaller ones? You probably have different sized pools, but do you somehow have 50% BTC and ETH or are you more risk-averse?

Mostly, I have BTC and ETH but the amount doesn't surpass $500. As for other coins, $100 is max.

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Very smart article, thank you.
And everyone should remember that the best investment of your life is the time and the money you invest on yourself.

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Thank you! Investing your time is truly rewarding!

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Of course, being well informed is mandatory but not enough to make the right decision regarding crypto and more. You still need intuition, chance and luck.
A very good article and extremely useful to me. I have learned something useful and it is part of the learning and information program, as you recommend. Thanks!

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fully agree, it's super important to keep an eye on the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

I issue a weekly curated list of interesting DeFi News, perhaps check it out and find some gems before anyone else :)

Yep, I'll definitely check your work out!

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cool! 👍

Expanding knowledge about other projects is a very important thing to do.

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Wise words fron a wise agent!

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