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I've been using HIVE for a while now but finding out LeoFinance and its community has opened new doors for me. When writing only on HIVE, I somehow felt a bit out of place. I often found my posts among some food and travel ones or other posts that are far from the financial topics I am writing about.


My blog is about having multiple income streams and improving your financial situation in life. It's about living abundantly and going forward every day. It's about overcoming obstacles that will surely come your way. Okay, that's enough. But if you dare to look, go to bagofincome.com

As for Leo, it feels like home here. The topics you see in various Leo sections are all relatable to becoming a self-sufficient human being. Leo is a great place to soak up new knowledge and try it in action. It's where we can practice our skills and get feedback in return.

We can also co-operate with each other to create new things. Things and posts unlike anyone have ever seen. It's all possible, and not just in dreams! If you work hard and dedicate yourself to what you're doing, you're able to push past all the barriers coming your way. If you're passionate and courageous, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals!

Everyone on Leo is passionate about having a stable stream of income by doing what they love! And as I said before, it's not just a dream, it's a vision that's fulfillable. It's more than it seems!

Thank you for reading this short rant of mine.

Have a great time!

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Welcome to LeoFinance.

I'm interested to see how you integrate BOI and your LeoFinance blog together. I see a lot of guys just straight copy/paste which I don't think really helps either domain.

What are your plans?

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Thanks! I'm still thinking about it and trying out new things. Have been using @steempress plugin for a while which automatically posts my articles on Hive but I don't think I'll do it for long now. I think I'll create a special section on my blog for those kind of posts.

Other than that, we'll see where this goes. Thanks for coming here and asking questions. It makes me grow!

🦁 I’m all about these ideals. Thanks for being a part of this great community and continuing to share them. Co-operating and building with people - side-by-side.. in the trenches each and every day. That’s become something special to me

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Blockchain is a great place to cooperate. We're all like blocks and our ideas are tied together with chains to make something better.

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