Let the Fun Begin

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If you haven't heard what LeoFinance is up to, it's time you catch up. Read this article by @khaleelkazi where he explains the latest update that's coming out tomorrow. In short, anyone will be able to create a new Leo/HIVE account his Twitter account.

Tomorrow, starting December 7th, every Twitter user out there will be able to create a Leo account to talk with you, guys! And to earn some LEO! We all know that money talks and if there's some money in it, people will be attracted. Especially when signing-up is as easy as it will be!

more bees incoming!

What does it mean for the chain?

More people giving it a shot and trying themselves on the HIVE blockchain means you'll have more content to read and more comments to reply to. Maybe, it will never be this easy to earn LEO/HIVE and other tokens when thousands of newcomers join up but on the other hand, new, wealthy lions could give it a go too, and that means, more big votes are coming to the chain!

We can never know for sure what will happen but I can say for sure that this is a step in the right direction. The easier it is for people to get into something, the more people will come. At first, it's confusing to deal with private keys and all of the other stuff and LeoInfra does exactly what needs to be done, it simplifies things for the average internet user!

What does it mean for me?

When there are more HIVE users, more people will see my posts, and the chance that a post goes viral on the internet increases rapidly! I'm only a newbie blogger but once I started using HIVE, I've grown to reach new heights and participate in initiatives I never thought I would.

It has been and still is an incredible journey of making money online and freeing myself from the 9 to 5 struggle. Even though I'm far from reaching my final goal of being able to earn from my online endeavors, I feel like I'm on the right path and in the right place!

What more to add?

We're on to something great! Even though there have been setbacks along the way, such as the infamous wLeo hack, our community, developers, and leaders have done a wonderful job to come back stronger! When we work together and believe in what we do, we have no limit to what we can achieve.

The crypto industry is still pretty new (12 years) but it's growing to become the biggest industry out there. Once it becomes massive, there's no reason why LEO can't be worth 10$ or more. It may seem crazy right now but we've all seen that it's possible with our own eyes!

Thank you for reading! Let the fun begin!


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Leofinance has managed to do something Hive should have done long time ago. Great to read that as of tomorrow, onboarding won't be such a pain in the ass anymore. I tell you one thing, it won't be long until we'll have a $1 LEO.

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Yeah, that's true! And we're here to experience it on our own skin! Beautiful!

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and the chance that a post goes viral on the internet increases rapidly!

And you know. that's the only reason that khal has given us "One click button" to share on social media. You are going to get viral very soon bud.

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No doubt a big step in the right direction, in the direction of the future.

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For sure a gamechanger :)
Let's see what happens!

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This is huge. Hoping really that more tribes can follow this path because we need more then Leo that drives Hive forward. There such big diveresity of communities here so we should be able to attract everybody basically!