Market Cycles and Bus Stops

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There was this one guy who said that business opportunities are like buses and even if you miss one, there will always be another one coming. You don't have to try and catch all the buses. You only need one to make it! If you hop on the right opportunity, there's a big probability that you will make a real change in your life. The main thing is to continue working and grinding hard even if you've already missed thousands of opportunities. Get up, stand up, and roar like a Lion you are!


Even if the night is dark and full of terrors, remember that eventually, it will end. The morning will come and new opportunities will arise. The point is to look forward to what's coming!

If you start looking back on ''what could have been'', you'll simply demotivate yourself. Look forward to what's coming and use your knowledge to take advantage of it. Let's take Defi airdrops as an example. We saw people get 400 UNI coins this year for simply using the new Uniswap platform. Right now, this drop is worth more than $3000! For many, it is huge money and there were more than 40K users who received the drop.

Some people were really happy, others were disappointed in themselves for not hopping on this train. And only a few understood that there will be many similar drops coming in the next months. And it did! Winter holidays were super fun for 1INCH users who got a similar drop like Uni. It made the day for many people all around the world!

Where is the Leo/HIVE bus heading?

  • There are many great things coming to LeoFinance in 2021! Not only will we receive an airdrop when the new microblogging platform launches, we will also experience exponential growth of the platform. We are already empowering thousands of people and in my opinion, this count will only increase in the year to come.
  • HIVE blockchain, which Leo is built upon, is working on new upgrades as well. In addition to the upcoming hard-fork, we are seeing new and already existing projects reach new heights. It seems that even the HIVE token is getting out of the lows.

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely Sunday!


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I was pained when I didn't receive the airdrop from Uniswap, but as you've said, looking back might not do a lot of good, however looking forward will. I'm excited for what's to come

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That's the attitude that will help you reach new heights! Thanks for reading!

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Man, Hive will be a game-changer! All it needs is a project built on top Hive to succeed, exactly what Leo is doing right now!

The free and super fast transactions (3 sec) is exactly what people need to built upon!

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Yeah, boi agrees with you!

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