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HIVE is unique! Everyone knows it but only a few understand. There are places here that many people from all around the world are using on a day to day basis. Some of these places have made the list in my most used internet spaces.

Today I'll talk about some of them because, in my opinion, it's very important to spread the word, especially when it comes to the decentralization of global powers. Cryptocurrency is one of the ways that it's going to happen and we have to stick together if we want to reach new heights!

let's dive deeper into what HIVE can offer to you!


This one is obvious. It's where I'm writing almost all of my blog posts with the best returns I could imagine. From the last Monday since I powered up my earnings I have earned another 102 LEO which is about 21$ and it feels great!

Leo is also a great place where to learn new things, find out promising crypto projects, and overall - be a better human being (or a lion). All I know is it feels like home when I'm writing on the LeoFinance front-end of HIVE. It also feels good to talk with other people with a similar mindset!

As you know, posting on Leo means you're also posting on the HIVE blockchain, therefore you're earning not only LEO tokens but also HIVE. And others, if you're using the right tag but we'll get into it a bit later.


PeakD is an improved interface of HIVE and is used by many people on the chain. It's probably the most popular interface too. Although I'm not using PeakD to post anything except for a few comments, it's useful for other things like:

  • voting for witnesses (it's like our own governance)
  • looking at analytics (watching my HIVE power grow)
  • creating templates for my posts (it's useful)
  • exploring posts which are not seen on other fronts-ends (yes, there are some unique ones)


This is pretty new to me but the last couple of weeks have shown that CTP is working hard to improve and bring new users to the platform. They also have a pretty nice community that is mainly focused on affiliate marketing. It's an interesting take on the blockchain and it's much more interesting to be a part of it.

If you didn't know, CTP in short means click, track, profit.


This one is a game. It's about brewing beer. And it's easy - you have to check in whenever you remember to complete certain tasks and gain ingredients to brew the beer. When it's done, you can brew some of the beer and sell it to get CBM tokens. Pretty easy, right?

You can use my invitation link by clicking here and it will probably give me some ingredients for my next beer. It also means you can invite your friends to get some additional ingredients for yourself.


It does what it sounds like it does! It's an app that allows you to search through the entire HIVE ecosystem. Mainly I'm using this app to find out if someone has done a review that I'm planning to do. For example, when I wrote about Gamee gaming platform, I checked if someone wrote about it before me.

If someone had written an article about Gamee before, I would need to make mine a degree better than the one that is already on the chain. As it turned out, nobody had done it so I had all my creative powers to do the thing I wanted to with no restrictions and comparing to others.

Using the right tag

Whenever you're creating a new post on the HIVE blockchain, you are asked to enter tags or topics as they call them on Leo. These tags are there to sort our posts and show them in the right category (and in the right place).

For example, if you want your post to appear on multiple front-ends of HIVE, you must use the right tags. For example, to have your article appear on, you must either use the native Leo interface or enter a #leofinance tag.

If you want your article to appear on, you must enter #ctp as one of the topics at the end of your post.

Reading First

Before you start using all the popular tags to gain more exposure and coins, READ!

There are rules for every community. You shouldn't post your food or nature photos on LeoFinance in order to maximize your gains. If it's not relatable to finance, your payout will be small and the community won't like it.

The good thing is that every topic can be turned into a financial one. If it's about a dinner that you're making, calculate the costs, compare them to what it would cost at a restaurant, and how much LEO your dinner is worth.

With this simple trick, any article can be transformed and looked at from a financial perspective. The same goes if you're a photographer. Start selling your photos, share your experience here on Leo and I can guarantee you that you'll reap some benefits!

If you're not ready to write an entire post just yet, you can earn tokens by commenting on other posts but make sure you read the post before you comment.


There's an ocean of opportunities all around us. It depends on each of us whether we use the opportunities or let them go by. In my opinion, HIVE blockchain offers us something that many are dreaming about - an equal opportunity to prove yourself and get rewarded.


Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Articles about other interesting projects:


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Funny I read this earlier but forgot to goodness. LOL. This was a great post full of important resources & tools. :) This is a good place for a new person to look at and explore..

Also, you might want to include Splinterlands as an option as well, because a lot of people discover HIVE through that game. CryptoBrew Mastery is great as well as Rising Star. I think gaming is just whole other niche he he...

And tags are super important, for sure. So, I like how you added this note as well. :)

Great job and thanks for sharing with us!🧡

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Thank you! Yeah, I guess gaming should have a whole section to it. I'd write about Splinterlands if I played it, though.

Thanks for reading and sharing your love!

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Hey @pixiepost, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Without a doubt, there is a lot being offered here. Leofinance is leading the charge with money being put in people's wallet that can really add up quickly.

We are seeing some who are able to buy food and medicine with their earnings off LEO.

Hopefully we can get another handful of DApps doing the same thing.

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Certainly! If more places like Leo start to get traction, we are going to experience something magnificent!

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That is the big "if".

We need to see other tribes making some progress. Leo is a model that others can take some things from.

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That's true! Time will tell!

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That's true and only time will tell what happens! :)

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looking at analytics (watching my HIVE power grow)

Use It has much more data. If used correctly you can find/see all your tribes rewards in a single place.

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Great post and I agree with your choice! I would add a couple of games that I prefer, but it's ok like this also :)

And I keep forgetting about Hivesearcher!

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Those are very nice places to go to! I'm always on them too!
Didn't know about Hivesearcher but already bookmarked for future reference!
And those tips for tagging are a must especially for those who are getting started or even for those who still don't use tags properly.
Great post! Thank you!


Great piece my friend!
Thank you for writing about cocoricos - I was checking them a few days ago - I ll go check out your post :)

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