Providing Liquid RUNE - Day 2

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Yesterday, @bagofincome started his RUNE liquidity provider journey. Now it is day 2 and in the added image, you can see that my total gain is already over $6 which seems pretty impressive taking the fact that the amount invested is rather small.


In the additional statistics, you can see that if I decided to cash out now, I'd lose 0.965 RUNE but I'd get an additional amount of 2.689 Tether USD. Right now, it doesn't worry me because I'm not planning on cashing out this liquidity.

As I stated in my Day 1 Article, there's a slight chance that in a near future all liquidity providers will get an airdrop. In addition to that, I'm having pretty nice gains and it's only day 2. We'll see what happens in the future with this volatile market but I'm pretty sure RUNE is here to stay!

day2 additional.PNG

The last thing I wanted to add is a huge thanks to the Leo community which made me buy RUNE when the price was about $0.60 per token. Right now it's $2.03 and we have a whole lot in front of us! HODL!

Thank you for inspiring, reading, and engaging! You are all wonderful!

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Great results, wished I have read your journey before. Nevertheless I have also onboarded today on the Rune LP and things are looking pretty good until now.

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Nice! I wanted to do it for a long time but finally, I did it. It's great to hear you're a provider now too! Let's see where we can go with this!

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