Respect the Pump?

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When Bitcoin reached $42K and dropped to $30K, many said that the bull-run was ending. Mainstream media said we're in a bear market now. I can only imagine how many people sold their Bitcoin and other coins much cheaper than they are right now. It must be an enormous number!


At the same time, crypto whales bought the dip and now there are more addresses with more than 1K in Bitcoin. You can see the chart below tweeted by one Twitter account that I really enjoy, called Documenting Bitcoin (link to tweet.)


What does it mean?

While there were people who panic sold their tokens to escape the market crash they fear, long-term holders used the opportunity to buy more! What does it tell us? We gotta look past these dips to where crypto has been adopted by the masses and one BTC is worth more than $100K! If you look from this perspective, anything below $30K is really cheap!


In my opinion, the bull market is only at the beginning and we are going to see many life-changing events in the months to come. Even after losing half of my assets to irresponsible trading on futures, I'm optimistic about what 2020 is going to bring!

Thank you for reading my ramblings!

The future is looking bright to us, the crypto adopters! There's no point in selling your tokens right now worrying about a bump on the road. This road has the potential to improve your financial situation in a way that you won't have to worry about paying your rent anymore. And not only!


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Sorry about losing half your assets in Binance futures.

I second your thoughts about not selling due to dip Because dips are normal in the crypto market

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Many people have literally no idea.

I can agree with that!

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