Short-Form Content Can Earn You Crypto

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The only investment needed to earn your first cryptocurrency is time. There are multiple places known to a man where it is possible to earn crypto by doing simple things such as upvoting/commenting on other articles and I will share some of them with you today. No, I'm not talking about crypto faucets right now, I'm talking about creating something from within and sharing your work with the crypto community, and for that getting rewarded.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to grow yourself some pretty neat bags for when the next glorious pump comes to the crypto markets. Not only will you improve your financial situation, but you'll also encounter like-minded individuals and have meaningful conversations from time to time. To me, it's a win-win situation.

I'm not even talking about the alpha you can get on these platforms. Yeah, a lot of posts are often crappy quality copy-paste paragraphs from the first-page Google search results but that's just what you get when there's something for ''free''. It's important to follow only the profiles that you're truly interested in or else you'll end up with a feed that you're not enjoying.



On, you can earn Bitcoin Cash when other users upvote your posts. Here's a micro-post that I wrote about HIVE. As you can see, it was upvoted by 8 people and it got me $0.13 in BCH cryptocurrency. It's not much but once you put it together, it adds up. If you earn at least $0.10 for 365, you'd get the minimum of $36.5 at the end of the year.


As you can see at the end of the post, it's posted in a channel called Crypto Earning Opportunities. I created it a few days ago and it already has 19 members. Anyone is welcome to post their own apps, dapps, and pages where one can earn cryptocurrencies. Check out the channel and join if you aren't already there:
CEO - Crypto Earning Opportunities on Noise.Cash


I've been on Torum for more than a year now and seeing the XTM price go from $0.05 to almost $3 was beautiful! Sadly, I had most of my bag staked when it was the top and sold only a little part. But looking at the bright side, Torum still keeps growing and building new parts of their ecosystem in the back. To me, it's the most important thing, that and the community. Torum has both.


On Torum, you can complete missions and earn XTM as a reward. Missions include doing things such as posting on your feed, upvoting other posts, logging in every day, and so on. They also have their own NFT's and DeFi! Here's a link to my profile so you can write me a message if you want (yeah, Torum has in-built messaging).


Sorry, there's no such app as consistency. Well, there probably is but it's not where you earn crypto. To succeed in any of the platforms, you gotta be consistent. It means being there every single day. I, personally, have a morning routine where I write a ''good morning'' post to my followers. That's how I manage to post every day. On top of that, I'm writing my own thoughts/experiences about crypto, occasionally creating shitposts and memes, and enjoying the process of creation.


Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day/night wherever you might be! We are all family!

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I believe there's many community, you can earn crypto, what you need is time. Once you get the time,the crypto will come to you.

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That is true! The more you do, the more can be done!

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Yes, it all adds up! Steady consistent accumulation in as many ways possible is the name of the Crypto game!

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