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Consistency, knowledge, and experience. In my humble opinion, these are the three things we need the most in order to succeed. Whether it is earning ourselves some crypto, improving our businesses, or something else, when we apply consistency to it and keep learning about it, we'll gain experience and therefore, become better at it.


It's the good old idiom with the tip of the iceberg. What we see is above the water is only a small percentage of what's underneath. I have often heard the phrase: ''overnight success'' about some people who have just become famous with something and everyone's like ''wow, where did this guy/girl came from..''

I gotta tell you one thing - 99% of the people who become ''an overnight success'' have been grinding hard for years doing what they love. They didn't stop when others told them there are better career options. They didn't give up when they failed for the 100th time in a row. They continued on, learned from their mistakes, kept reading and practicing new skills until, finally, they got where they are.

Positive Habits

Developing positive habits and keeping up with them is the best way to maintain consistency. If you start a habit of making ten pushups every morning, it will feel natural after a month or so. If you're a writer, devote at least an hour a day to write something. Even if you don't finish the whole article, it will make you move further and improve your skills every single day.

To achieve better results, you must develop a routine and implement some of the habits in it. That way, you will save time thinking about what you should do next. You'll have a schedule to stick to, and it will save you both, time and energy.


Another thing that's vital for our growth is the information we soak up. Reading is a must, it makes your perspective broader, it stimulates your mind, and more often than not while reading, you may come up with new ideas and solutions to your problems, or should I say obstacles. That's how you level up your game and come out of each quest as a winner. Or at least, with a lesson.


We often analyze our mistakes and fails, and forget to analyze our victories. You have to see both sides of the coin, therefore, analyzing your wins is as important as learning from your mistakes. If you're a content creator like me, and you come up with an article that goes viral, dive deep and try to understand exactly why things happened as they did. Was it the right choice of title, maybe it was the perfect timing, or maybe some other thing?

Being Grateful

I have seen people make 10x gains and still whine about how they could have made double the amount. If you're not grateful for what you get, there's a chance you won't get anything worthy. New doors and opportunities appear to those who are optimistic in nature. Yes, the mentality to become better and earn more is important but just as important as knowing when to stop. Greed has never done anything good. Be grateful for what you're making and soon, you'll probably make more.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome weekend ahead!

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Big ups for the wise words...what has helped me mostly which I can attest to here is consistency and reading a lot. I try to write almost everyday, I read almost all the time,certainly I open myself to getting better doing these everyday.

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Thank you! Those things really open up doors! Thanks for the feedback!

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You’re welcome

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Your advice is gold. As is often said: Knowledge is power.

  • Consistency
  • Learning
  • Reasoning
  • Gratitude

Four fantastic areas to make part of every endeavor to which we set our hands!

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Thanks a lot for your input! If we can stick to these things, we'll see new heights as time goes by. Have a great day!

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Success in any endeavor, business and investing included, is attributed to these traits and habits you spell out here.

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Exactly! To me, the hardest is the consistency part but I'm working on it! Thanks for reading!

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