What's Coming to Torum in 2021?

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By now, you may have heard a lot about Torum, especially if you are using LeoFinance because a lot of lions are also on Torum BUT - did you know Torum is still in the private beta stage? What it means is that if you join Torum now, you will still be an early adopter of the platform. In addition to that, you will earn a decent amount of XTM tokens before they hit the market later this year.

How do I know that? Because you're a Leo user and we are proving ourselves to be mindful, creative, and adaptable when it comes to using new platforms. Recently, some of us started using noise.cash and we are gaining a lot of traction there. The same goes about Torum - all of our Leo users are appreciated there because our actions prove that we know how important real engagement is.

As a Torum Ambassador, I have managed to accumulate more than 6000 XTM tokens in the last four months (ambassador since November). It's a great feeling, of course, but Torum is still a long way from having such a diverse community as HIVE/ Leo does. Luckily for those content creators who are there, they are accumulating XTM with no problem!


Torum in 2021

So what will happen with Torum in 2021?

  • Launch of the public-beta and a mobile app
  • XTM tokens listings on CEX and DEX
  • Release of Mining Simulator Game
  • Ad Bidding, NFT Marketplace, Subscriptions, and more

(You can take a look at the new Torum Whitepaper 2.0. There's also a page intro.torum.com where you can have a nice view of Torum's roadmap and upcoming additions.)

Mobile App

mobile app.gif

One of the additions in 2021 will be Torum's mobile app. Right now, it's only possible to use Torum either from your computer or on your phone by opening Torum in Chrome and checking desktop site in the settings. It's complicated for some people and some phones don't have that option so this addition can increase the number of users.

Mining Simulator Game


I can't wait to build my virtual mining rig in this game and get some additional profits in the form of XTM. Here's an excerpt from the whitepaper.

Mining Simulator is an in-house developed game that allows the TORUM community to perform mining in exchange for 10% of the ecosystem’s quarterly XTM profit. XTM is spent to upgrade their mining farm (mining environment, mining rigs, power supply, ventilation system, etc.) in the game.

-WhitePaper 2.0

Advertisement Bidding


When this goes live, you will be able to showcase your business or services on Torum. In other words, you'll be able to promote yourself, your articles, and your business. When Torum reaches enough people, this could become a quite popular feature.

Other Stuff


Honestly, I have no idea what the Murot Marketplace is going to be about but I guess it has something to do with gifs. I'll find it out and then tell you all about it when my next Torum article comes out. You can also see there will be Premium Subscriptions and NFT Marketplace. Sounds pretty exciting to me!


2021 is going to rock with the mobile app, XTM listings, and other additions! It's not too late to join Torum and accumulate XTM tokens. If you want to know more about it and how it looks, read my review here or join now by pressing here, or on the banner below.



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The mobile app will be really convinient

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I feel like Torum has huge potential. It's in a early stage still, spammers and bots are an issue, but the concept itself is sound - certainly one of the platforms to look out for this year!

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Yeah, there are many spammers right now but as more real people join and new upgrades are out, we'll see the real deal.

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I wonder where trading token XTM?

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Thank you, BOI for sharing this amazing article. People are expecting Android and IOS apps.

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