When Moon?

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All across the cryptospace, you see people setting imaginary price targets and utopic goals. Everyone wants to go to the Moon and become millionaires overnight but only a few are ready to work their way up. First of all, you need a vehicle, a rocket ship of some sort. It would mean projects with real use cases, active teams of developers, and real, supportive, and ever-growing communities in crypto.

So, when Moon?

Did you build your ship already? Are you a member of a crypto community? Have you contributed to it and how? Are you building your own project? Have you come up with a brand name? If you're simply a passenger, I hope you chose the right ship because not all of them make it to the Moon. Some fail miserably without even starting their engines. Others go slowly but steadily until they reach their targets!

Dollar-Cost-Average your way to financial freedom

That way you won't have to worry about the market. Buy low, sell high. If it goes lower, buy more. When things start moving, take profits on the way up. Rinse and repeat. Don't get too greedy, stick to your strategy and grind hard! In the end, consistency pays off.

To me, it's all about crypto. It's the only way we can free ourselves from the tyrannical governments all across the earth. It's an evolution from a governing of man to a governing of a protocol. Men are greedy and corrupt. The Bitcoin protocol is there to change that. Crypto's the only way.

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I need to build my own project, because I have all the other requirements but I just need that one.

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It's so crazy out there. Even without knowing anything about the project, people only see the moon. I think it's still time before the dust settles and people see blockchain for what it is and not just a tool to park your cash.

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I wonder will it ever happen, though.

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No one can be certain of that but if u invested in a project based on the value and not the price, it surely will get you somewhere. maybe not the moon but you won't drown either

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<That way you won't have to worry about the market. Buy low, sell high. If it goes lower, buy more

That is my own simple trading strategy

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Genius things tend to be simple. Thanks for reading!

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