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Not only was it a spontaneous short post that I wrote on my feed just to have some fun, but it also earned me some good looking XTM tokens! It's crazy how times change. Ten years ago I would post stupid things on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get likes and shares and feed my ego. Fast forward 10 years and I can call myself a crypto blogger who writes stupid (and not so stupid) articles online and gets rewarded.

Only this time these rewards are real and can buy you food (and maybe a house and a Lambo) and are not some empty likes to get the dopamine and feel better. This time I'm spending my time usefully - learning and creating stuff.

Impressive, right?

So What Did I Write on Torum?

On Torum you have your feed where you can post anything that relates to crypto. From the looks of it, it's pretty similar to Facebook but I already talked about Torum features in my review that you can read here. While writing the review, I decided to do an experiment and post the sentence that you can see in the gif below.


I only wrote it to demonstrate how easy it is to use Torum and I never thought I would get any rewards. In the end, I got one HODL and 4 Small Claps which is pretty awesome taking the fact that it took me less than 10 seconds to write and post it.


It also got 8 comments and 2 spreads (shares/reblogs) which means the engagement rate is quite good. Maybe it's because I'm a well-known face around Torum but right now - anyone can become popular there because the platform is still pretty early!

This is where Torum is right now and with all the great additions that are coming, it won't be long until it grows to become one of the big players. Many HIVE/Leo users are already there and I even created a Leo Clan that you can easily join in the clan section.


It's beautiful how two platforms can work together to achieve the same goal and bring the power back to the people. Once we all stop using Facebook and start using Leo/Torum and other platforms that reward its users, we'll grow to become one of the biggest industries the world has ever seen. Maybe I'm dreaming but I feel it in my guts that the future is bright for crypto! And hopefully, that gut feeling isn't a fart as @trumpman once said.

Thank you for reading and have a productive week ahead! Be ready for Twitter users commenting on your articles!

My Torum Article Series

Here you can read my other Leo articles about Torum. If you didn't know, I'm a Torum Ambassador right now so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions you want answers to!
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Here's my full Torum review on @bagofincome blog:

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Photo by Charl Durand on Unsplash

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not bad...not bad at all ;)

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People just upvoted you in Torum ,so that facebook and torum does not look same at the end of the day.

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True. But it still has that familiar feeling!

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I think I have to try my best and become active on the torum platform. But truth be told, Facebook milked us for year's

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Yep, that's true! Now we take back what's ours!

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I agree with you

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