Buy the dips again

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It is again another great opportunity to buy the dips. The market is looking very low. Someone predicted that we are going to be facing a recession soon. I'm not sure if that is going to happen or not but I'm sure the market can fall further down before it can pick up speed again. I would say this is a good opportunity to purchase some things very low right now. I decided to purchase some of the tokens.

I already made my investment with all the stable coins I had. I directly went to Hive. I did a massive power-up last month. But the current price of Hive is really very tempting right now. I'm biting my nails thinking of bringing some funds from the real world into this. But I'm not sure if it would be like catching the falling knife and would end up fruitful or not.

I personally think there are some counts we can purchase during this dip. I'm not going to sacrifice the juicy HBD rewards I get for keeping it in the savings. But it is so tempting for me. I have two coins in my mind for this dip if at all I have funds to invest.




Hive is always my favorite when it comes to crypto investment. But sometimes we might think that it is not good to put all the eggs in the same basket. But what to do, if we are confident with something, it is better to stick to that than confuse our minds. I have not thought of investing in anything else outside the Hive ecosystem as of now. Maybe I might think of something if the market keeps going down.

I'm just very close to deciding and taking the funds from HBD savings and converting them to Hive. I already powered up a huge amount of Hive last month but no harm in doing some more right now when we can get it cheap. There will always be good times and bad times in the crypto markets. We have endured the bad times and made use of the good times.


The second coin that comes to my mind is also from the Hive ecosystem. I don't know if this is the right moment or whether SPS would go further down. But to me, the current price of SPS itself is awesome and worth investing in. We all know about the splinterlands team and how they make things work. People making very small investments in Splinterlands were able to reap a huge profit in the game from their investments. That's one of the reasons why I think SPS will also be a big hit.

I think it would mostly be better to convert my HBD from savings to SPS. I remember buying SPS when the price was close to 1$. But it is also true that the supply of SPS was very low back then. Now at the current price with that 2000$ I spent on SPS, I will be able to purchase a shit load of SPS. So I might end up purchasing some SPS soon to enjoy the 50% APR we get for staking.

What are you buying in this dip?

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I just bought some hive and sps with my dec and vouchers. Also throw a bit into rising star to prepare for next week.

That's nice. What is coming next week? What are you preparing for?

Just continueing my DCA. It has been bloody but not bloody enough.

Yes go for it. I'm doing the same too.

Good to read your thoughts on this. It's hard to decide whether to buy or not yet. But for HIVE, it's always a buy for me using my HBD rewards.

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Yes definitely it is always good to buy Hive.

Buying BTC on the way down, buying the rest when we bottom out !CTP

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Yeah I'm also planning to buy some BTC.

Yeah people are now undecided but I think after tomorrow there will huge movement in hive. Let's see what America announce tomorrow.😢

Yeah let's see what happens.

I am not buying anything right now but if I had to pick, I would say Hive is my top pick.

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Hive is always the top pick.

Hmmm, it could still be the whole falling knife scenario, but the prices are very tempting. I've also heard that the prices could fall further. Some predictions I've heard is BTC as low as $10,000.00, so I don't know.

For me, I'm just Hodl'ing.

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Nice. Yeah I am hoping we are finding some bottom. I think there is so much fear in the markets right now that people aren't thinking straight. Just trying to keep mine on straight so I can keep moving forward! Unfortunately I am out of dry powder, so trying to earn as much as possible, lol.

But on the note of diversifying, at this point, I am focusing on Hive, stablecoins, and Bitcoin, anything else just earns me more of those 3. My diversification is going to start going back into some metals and hopefully playing in some real estate.

Except real estate I'm in for all other things. Real estate is not good in my place.

I bought HIVE, LEO and ETH. And invested also to KENSHI, a rather new project which will take on Chainlink with their products. A long term investment.

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That's nice. Good luck on your new investment.

Thanks! Kenshi is the only one on green...

I think I'll stick with HIVE.
It is better to not confuse oneself in these times.

Best choice.

I think with Hive it's better because as you said, the price is juicy right now and powering it up means you are securing it. Hive would always rise and you can be sure of that. As for other coins out there hahahaha I've stopped buying the dip 🤣😂.

Yes good for you. I think that should be the right strategy. Keep going.

We keep going. Yes. Well done.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 110 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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